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An Overview Of The Luxury Properties In Bahia


An Overview Of The Luxury Properties In Bahia

Everyone has their individual concept of a luxury home depending upon their preferences and lifestyle. For those preferring an urban lifestyle, it could mean a large penthouse apartment with a private swimming pool and many recreational facilities.

For someone who prefers the fresh air and greenery of the countryside it could mean a lovely villa by the sea or on a hilltop. Whatever be your preference, Bahia has several excellent options for you.

What Can One Expect In A Luxury Home?

Whatever be our individual preferences, there are some common features that we all want in a luxury home:

• A splendid location with a nice view.

• Plenty of indoor and outdoor space for comfortable living. Large well ventilated rooms, a nice garden to take a stroll or to relax in.

• A private, peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

• Plenty of amenities that we can enjoy whenever we feel like without restrictions or being part of a crowd.

• A safe and secure environment for our family.

• A healthy and nice environment for the children to grow up in. Space for children to play and plenty of facilities for their entertainment.

It is true that for such a home we have to pay more, but price is not the only thing. There are many other factors that make a piece of real estate a luxury home, for example, location, setting, architecture, construction quality, decor, furnishing and design.

Luxury Apartments In Bahia

The luxury apartments featured here are in some of the best locations close to urban conveniences like malls and shopping centers, but far removed from the noise and dust of the city. Buildings are usually close to some excellent beaches and you have a splendid sea view from your apartment.
Luxury Apartment Bahia

Even though you are living in an apartment, you get the feel of an independent home. Many apartments are penthouses or part of buildings that have just one apartment per floor, which means a lot of privacy. Some apartments even have a private pool in the balcony.

You can expect over 300 sq. meters of built up area with four to five large suites. You will have quarters for your employees and an office from which you can work without distractions. A large well equipped kitchen is usually available and some apartments have more than one kitchen.

The condominiums provide a safe environment with round the clock security including the use of surveillance cameras. You can expect the best possible common facilities. A swimming pool is always available, but fancy swimming pools, separate pool for the children, whirlpools, cascading pools, waterfall, poolside bar, etc. are also commonly provided.

Other facilities like gym, spa, sauna, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, barbecue areas, landscaped gardens, ballroom, assembly room, wellness center, etc. are also usually available.

Most luxury apartments are located in urban areas like Salvador. You will find excellent buys in Barra, Horto Florestal and Vitoria for prices of R$ 1,500,000 and above.

View luxury apartments in Bahia now.

Luxury Houses In Bahia

Luxury houses are always located in lovely locations and often as part of gated communities. You will also find several options that are situated in luxury resorts. Luxury houses in the coastal regions are right at the beach or it is just a few minutes walk to the beach. Usually, a direct access to the beach is available.
Luxury House Bahia

The architecture is of exceptionally high quality, some of which are the work of well-known designers. Many houses are located near green zones. The condominiums have paved streets with underground electrical wiring and sewage drains.

You will get ample space both indoors and outdoors, as the houses are usually constructed on large plots of above 1500 sq. meters. Constructed area varies, but will not be less than 400 sq. meters. Quite a few pieces of real estate come with multiple houses on the same plot.

There is usually one main house and a separate guest house, employee quarters and garage. You can expect five suites or more and an office, all nicely furnished. Large pools with fancy features and which compliment the architecture and layout is available. Very often separate pools are there for the children.

Houses located in condominiums provide excellent recreational facilities similar to what is provided by apartment condos discussed previously. Houses which are situated within resorts have access to all their facilities including restaurants, sports facilities and health clubs.

Many houses are available in Praia do Forte and Busca Vida. You will also find houses in some localities in Salvador, but you must also look at Porto Seguro, Arraial d'Ajuda, Trancoso, Itacimirim and Encontro das Águas. If you are looking for inland regions, you can try Chapada Diamantina. Expect to pay anything above R$ 850,000 for a luxury house.

View luxury houses in Bahia now.

Buy A Premium Plot Of Land And Make Your Own Luxury House

If you are not happy about buying a ready-made house, then it is best to buy a plot of land in a nice locality and construct the house of your dreams over it. You can make it just the way you want and with just the right features. You will find suitable land in many places like Praia do Forte and Guarajuba.
Luxury Land Bahia

Constructing your own house does not mean that you have to start from scratch or miss out on facilities. You can buy plots in well-developed condominiums with a nice network of internal roads, underground wiring and drainage, water supply, well developed common areas, nice landscaped gardens and a variety of amenities and services.

You can get the best waterfront localities or plots near the beach with direct access to it. The condominiums usually have nice green areas. Construction is often regulated, so there is no fear of uncontrolled development ruining the peace and calm of your locality. Expect to pay upwards of R$ 750,000 for a plot.

View luxury land in Bahia now.

With a luxury home in Bahia, you will have a place where you can relax, forget about the difficulties of daily life and live in a private and quiet atmosphere. Bahia is a great place to live, but you can live in utmost comfort if you have a luxury home here.

View luxury real estate available in Bahia.

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An Overview Of The Luxury Properties In Bahia

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