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Real Estate For Sale In Trancoso Excellent Options In A Peaceful Location


Trancoso, Porto Seguro - Brasil, BahiaReal Estate For Sale In Trancoso Excellent Options In A Peaceful Location

Many coastal areas in Bahia give you an abundance of nature and fresh air. However, few places can match the peace and quiet of Trancoso, a small village near Porto Seguro and Arraial d'Ajuda. It has vast expanses of greenery and relatively empty beaches without the high tourist activity like the other towns.

This makes Trancoso an excellent place to invest if you prefer to live in an area with unspoilt natural beauty. The real estate for sale in Trancoso offers exactly the kind of investment opportunities that people looking for a holiday home or a farmhouse in Bahia would prefer to go for.

Trancoso Beach
In and around Trancoso you will find plenty of sandy beaches, many of them set against small cliffs. The natural pools which form when the sea recedes during low tide are excellent for a swim. The place itself is a village with a rectangular area called the Square. It is also famous for its rain-forest and coconut groves.

The best part is that with all its advantages Trancoso is not far from urban facilities. It is about 40 minutes from the ferry that connects Arraial d'Ajuda with Porto Seguro and you can reach the Porto Seguro international airport in an hour by road. The real estate for sale in Trancoso offers a number of houses, farms and pieces of undeveloped or semi-developed land.

An Overview Of What Is Available In Trancoso

Being more of a rural area, the distinction between houses, farms and land in Trancoso is not as rigid as in other places. In Trancoso, the houses are usually built on larger plots than what you would find elsewhere. The farms of course have constructed areas, but you will also find that land being offered for sale often has significant construction. For example, you may get a large tract of land with multiple houses of different sizes already on it.

You will find houses on fairly large plots in Trancoso for prices from R$180,000 to R$3,250,000. On an average, a house will cost about R$1,313,500.

Farms cost between R$290,500 to R$1,500,000. Some are well-developed and some have basic facilities. The average price will be about R$835,500.

The price of land starts from about R$100,800 and can go up to R$6,000,000 or more depending on the location and size. The average price is be about R$1,359,000.

Houses In Trancoso
Trancoso House

Houses costing up to R$500,000 are located close to the center of the town, the square and are not too far from the beach. You can expect plots which can be as compact as 120 sq. meters to vast plots of 5000 sq. meters. The constructed area is usually between 100 to 200 sq. meters. Often a plot with more than one house is sold as one piece of real estate.

In such cases there is usually one main house and one or two smaller houses which can be used for employees or for guests. Houses in this range can be expected to have two to five bedrooms and a garden or green area with trees. At prices close to R$500,000 you can expect some extra facilities like parking, office, TV room, games room, reading room, barbecue and a service area.

Houses priced between R$500,000 and R$2,000,000 are available on large plots or in resort complexes. The plots are usually larger than 800 sq. meters. You can expect 100 to 300 sq. meters of construction and houses come with up to three bedrooms and two suites. Expect a nice large garden and a swimming pool. You will also get some other facilities mentioned before in the standalone houses and the houses located in resort complexes have access to its vast lineup of leisure facilities.

If you want a luxury house in Trancoso, expect to pay upwards of R$2,000,000. These luxury houses are located in the best localities and very often have a nice sea view. You can expect 250 to 500 sq. meters of construction on plots of 1000 to 3500 sq. meters.

They usually come with four to six suites, a pool, well-designed garden and garage. Some of them are fully or partially furnished including the air-conditioning. You can expect additional facilities like games room, lounge, community hall, study area, bar, barbecue area, laundry, service area, party area and guest house.

View houses for sale in Trancoso

Buying A Farm In Trancoso
Trancoso Farm

Being a relatively rural area, vast tracts of land are available in Trancoso and you can get some perfect farms or farmhouses here. The choice is really wide and farms from 4 to 45 hectares are available. The locations are not too far from Trancoso and you will find quite a few with breathtaking views of the sea or the valley. Most of them have a small house with basic facilities and have plenty of trees and green areas.

View farms for sale in Trancoso.


You will find land for all types of applications in Trancoso. You will find small plots for houses and larger pieces of land suitable for small resorts or housing communities.

The plots from 360 sq. meters to 3600 sq. meters are priced between R$100,000 and R$600,000. These plots are either standalone or in well-developed gated communities. Depending on size, you can construct one or more houses on it or you can develop it into a housing community. The land is usually available in good locations either near the town-center or overlooking the sea.

Trancoso Land
Pieces of land above 1 hectare in size are above R$1,000,000. Again, these are in lovely locations with rivers and plenty of greenery. It is not unusual to find land with one or more houses already constructed on it. You will find such real estate on beach-front or seafront locations and also in areas closer to the city of Porto Seguro or near the beaches.

View land for sale in Trancoso.

The real estate for sale in Trancoso offers some of the best locations in Bahia when it comes to quiet living in the company of nature. It is a great place to buy real estate if you love calm and quiet surroundings. You can have an easy paced life without the rush of the cities and away from high tourist activity while at the same time not being more than an hour away from the places with all urban conveniences. 

View all real estate for sale in Trancoso.Click here to view real estate within Trancoso

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Real Estate For Sale In Trancoso Excellent Options In A Peaceful Location

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