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Invest in Itacimirim Real Estate and get the Best of Both Worlds


Itacimirim, Camaçarí - Brasil, BahiaInvest in Itacimirim Real Estate and get the Best of Both Worlds

Itacimirim is the place for those who want the best of both worlds, the peace of a small quiet village and the tourist attractions, shopping and excitement of a tourist town.

The biggest advantage of Itacimirim is its location, just 5 km from Praia do Forte, which gives its residents access to all the conveniences of the tourist town. The village itself has a long empty serene beach which runs for miles on both sides.

Real estate Itacimirim
will be a hit with holiday home seekers and those interested in renting out property to tourists.

Ideally located, next to Praia do Forte and close to Salvador
Itacimirim View

Itacimirim is located between two of the most sought after tourist destinations in Bahia, Praia do Forte and the capital city of Salvador. The distance to Praia do Forte is 5 km and Salvador which has the nearest international airport and seaport is about 50 km away.

The climate of Itacimirim is tropical with an average temperature of about 27°C and the region receives good rainfall. The area has a rich biodiversity with tropical vegetation, a variety of birds, sea turtles, hump back whales, fishes and lobsters. Fishing has been the main occupation of the region.

Besides the beach, Itacimirim has several fresh water ponds and bike trails making this a great place for biking, hiking, fishing, bird watching, kayaking and jogging. Many tourists keep themselves occupied with these activities on the off days of their tourist itinerary.

Itacimirim has the perfect location for one to enjoy the attractions, shopping and night life of Praia do Forte and then retreat to the peace and quiet of the village. The vast tourism potential makes Itacimirim real estate even more attractive.

History of the region
Itacimirim Beach View

'Itacimirim' is an Indian name, which means 'small stone' and the small village shares its history and culture with the rest of the Coconut Coast. Salvador which is a UNESCO world heritage site has a rich history and culture due to it being the main port during the colonial days and the capital of Brazil from 1549 to 1763.

Attractions and things to do

Nobody will ever feel bored at Itacimirim as activities are always there for people of every taste.

• Outdoor activities like biking, fishing, jogging, horse riding and hiking.

• Water sports like surfing, kayaking and snorkeling.

• Nature lovers will have an unforgettable time watching birds, humpback whales and sea turtles. They will also enjoy visiting the star attraction of neighboring Praia do Forte, the Projeto Tamar, which is a turtle sanctuary and conservation project. Here huge sea turtles and other fishes of the region can be observed at close range.

• Other Praia do Forte attractions are just next door, which include shopping at the boutiques and visiting the historical church.

Itacimirim real estate options and prices
House Itacimirim

There are many options for property seekers in Itacimirim. The price range given below which are taken from Itacimirim real estate listings at a popular website should give an idea about the investment required.

Apartments are available from $120,000 to $225,000 with an average price of approximately $155,000.

Houses cost between $190,000 and $310,000 with an average price of  $230,000.

Land is available from $99,000 to $730,000 with the average price of  $268,000.

Itacimirim real estate offers many different types of properties for investors from undeveloped land to luxurious houses. It is a developing area and those interested in the properties here will do well not to wait for a long time as the prices are likely to go up.

The place is an ideal opportunity for those interested in a holiday home and for investors targeting the tourism industry.

View real estate in Itacimirim now.Click here to view real estate within Itacimirim

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Invest in Itacimirim Real Estate and get the Best of Both Worlds

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