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Luxury Homes In Trancoso - High Class Living In A Serene Setting


Trancoso, Porto Seguro - Brasil, BahiaLuxury Homes In Trancoso - High Class Living In A Serene Setting

The lush green vegetation, peaceful beaches and tropical weather of Trancoso create the right recipe for homes that evoke a powerful passion. A peaceful and rustic place near the sea is an ideal location for a luxury home. It's the type of home you should own if you want to stay away from the dust, noise and stress of urban life. Trancoso, with its large selection of beachfront or seafront villas, is one of the best places to look for such a home.

About Trancoso

Trancoso is small village located on the Discovery Coast, about an hour's drive from the town of Porto Seguro and next to the popular tourist destination of Arraial d'Ajuda. Porto Seguro has an international airport and is also well connected by road and air with other cities in Brazil. The climate is what you would expect in a tropical region, although it rains heavily in November, you can expect fine, warm and sunny weather all through the year.

During the summer months (December to March) and the New Year holidays, Trancoso attracts a large number of tourists and popular beaches tend to get busy. That doesn't affect residents because there are plenty of small, uncrowded beaches. Most beachfront villas also come with a small section of private beach.

The population in Trancoso is a mix of people from various ethnic origins. Like in most places in Brazil, people of Portuguese, African and European origins make up a large percentage of the population. In the last decade or so, people from all over the world bought homes and settled down here. Some of them also own small businesses like stores, restaurants and commercial spaces.

The village consists of a green square surrounded by small traditional houses and large trees. On one end of it is the São João Batista church. The pretty village square, its surrounding homes and the church will remain unchanged as the whole complex enjoys UNESCO protection.

Trancoso with its white sand beaches, cliffs, traditional homes and tropical vegetation provides all the right settings for a luxury villa. Several rich people, including many celebrities, own homes in the village. Prices are high, but the serene atmosphere and the quality of real estate you get here will be hard to match.

The Range Of Luxury Homes On Offer

In Trancoso, you will find spacious beachfront or seafront houses constructed on large lots from R$2,000,000 onwards. Houses come with rustic architecture and premium construction. Homes are well maintained and major renovation is not usually required.

The typical luxury house has a constructed area of over 300 sq. meters and lots are usually larger than 1000 sq. meters. Most of these houses are 3 to 5 bedroom villas surrounded by tropical trees and landscaped gardens. Some homes may include a guest house or a home for the caretaker. Several homes come with high quality furniture and air conditioning. Although they are not as common as large houses, you can also get properties with multiple one-bedroom cottages on a single lot.

The Advantages Of A Beachfront Or Seafront Location

The warm weather and a beachfront location is a perfect combination if you love swimming. Having a beachfront home means that you don't have to restrict yourself to a swimming pool. Trancoso has plenty of small secluded and narrow beaches set against the cliffs. You can take a stroll on the beach whenever you want or swim in the calm and crystal clear waters of the shallow pools that form at low tide.

A home with a sea view is a great option if you can't find a beachfront home within your budget. There are several oceanfront homes where you can enjoy the sea view from your windows, balconies or the deck. Usually, the closest beach is not more than five or ten minutes walking distance from the home.

People have a preference for homes next to the beach or the sea. If you buy one, your home will command good value and will be easier to sell or rent. You can also expect high rents.

Benefits Of Having A Large Garden And A Swimming Pool

The large lots of Trancoso luxury homes make it possible to have a garden with tropical trees, large lawns and beautiful landscaping. You can expect homes surrounded by lush greenery. If you love gardening, things can hardly be better. You can grow exotic plants, fruit trees, herb gardens and flower beds. Take a stroll in your own garden or read a book under the shade of a tree or while lying in a hammock.

Many homes in Trancoso come with large swimming pools. This is convenient when you are not in the mood to go down to the beach for a swim or if you want to take a dip at night.

Finding Luxury Homes With Commercial Possibilities

The square is the center of attraction in Trancoso. A home facing the square commands premium value due to its location. The large number of tourists visiting the place makes it an ideal place for shops and restaurants. If you want to generate some rental income or run a business close to your home, look for homes with commercial possibilities. You may sometimes be lucky to find a property near the square with a home as well as commercial spaces on the same lot.

A house in the village is the best place to stay for tourists visiting Trancoso. If you can find a home with additional guest houses or cottages, you can generate a nice income by renting them to tourists. The tourist traffic in Trancoso will keep the occupancy rate high.

Luxury Condos In Trancoso

Get the benefits of an independent home as well as the amenities of a condo by buying a luxury home in a gated community. A condo comes with many benefits. You will get round the clock security and a large number of premium amenities. You will also get a good access road, good internal roads, power backup, street lighting and water supply.

In Trancoso, you can also buy luxury homes located within resorts. For example, the Terra Vista Resort includes a hotel, a golf course and several luxury homes. Buy a home in the resort and you have easy access to all its facilities while enjoying the premium common amenities of the condo.

Trancoso is the best place to find a seaside luxury home in Bahia. Real estate in Trancoso does not come cheap, but that is not surprising when you are getting a large home of high quality and in one of the best coastal locations in Bahia.View all the real estate available in Trancoso.

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Luxury Homes In Trancoso - High Class Living In A Serene Setting

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