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Houses In Guarajuba – Why Choose Guarajuba?


Guarajuba, Camaçarí - Brasil, BahiaHouses In Guarajuba – Why Choose Guarajuba?

Just 40 km from the Salvador airport is the serene village of Guarajuba with a splendid beach, a relaxing quiet atmosphere and lovely weather. Guarajuba which comes in the metropolitan region of Salvador is really a gem of the Coconut Coast.

Imagine owning a spacious house in this beach paradise in complete tryst with nature and you will understand why houses in Guarajuba are so desirable.

Though Guarajuba is an excellent place for beach activities like surfing or swimming, more importantly, its location gives residents access to several beautiful beaches of the Bahian north coast such as Arembepe, Itacimirim, Imbassaí, and Sauipe. Other nearby attractions include the Sapiranga Reserve, National Park Mangue Seco, Garcia D'Ávila Castle, and TAMAR at Praia do Forte.

Real estate in Guarajuba was always attractive especially for families, but houses require special mention. Most houses in Guarajuba are spacious, furnished and at very good locations in premium condos with many facilities.

Depending upon various factors like size, location and facilities you will get houses from as low as $187,915 to as high as $1,186,820. The average house costs around $471,250. Take a look at the type of houses on offer at Guarajuba:

Houses Below $200,000
Guarajuba Property

The lowest in the range of Guarajuba houses are a bit inland, say for example near Monte Gordo. Here you will get large houses with 4 bedrooms. Some have a suite. Most have large lush green land area with fruit trees and farmhouse like features such as a chicken coop or kennel.

Houses In $200,000 To $400,000 Range

You can expect 4 bedroom houses in gated communities just below the $300,000 price range. The houses in this range are usually constructed in an area of around 350 sq. meters in a plot of around 500 sq. meters. Basic facilities like pool, grill, etc will be available. One suite can be expected at this price.

If you have a budget of close to $350,000 you may be able to get 5 bedroom houses of the same type in condos with private lakes.Houses in premium locations overlooking the lake with 4 suites, air conditioning, American style kitchen, barbecue area, automatic grill and garage facilities for parking multiple cars will cost around $380,000.

Guarajuba Houses In The $400,000 To $600,000 Range
Guarajuba Property

At this price you will be able to find duplex houses in a beachfront condo with premium facilities. Such houses typically come with around 200 sq. meters area in plots of about 500 sq. meters allowing for larger ground space. You are likely to get houses with 4 suites with balconies.

You can expect premium fittings like solid wood cabinets. Standard facilities like pools, parking and security will always be there. You may also get houses in condos with playgrounds for field games, parks with lovely landscaping, jogging area, bike tracks, etc.

With a budget close to $500,000 you can get a fully furnished house similar to the above just a few hundred meters from the beach. You can also expect additional facilities in the condo like reception hall, tennis courts, multiple car parking facilities, security with C.C.TV, etc.

Houses In The $600,000 To 700,000 Price Range

At this price expect large 5 suite houses with split air conditioning close to the beach with premium furniture on larger plots of around 900 sq. meters. Houses are usually part of luxury condos with premium facilities like private lakes. Other premium facilities like home office and reading rooms may also be available.

You may also get premium designs like double height rooms, marble flooring, indoor heated pool, bathrooms with marble floors and premium fittings. You may also be able to find houses which offer Jacuzzi, sauna, space for TV or audio equipment in the bathroom attached to the master suite. Outdoor showers and central water heating facility for supply throughout the house may also be offered.

Houses In The $800,000 To $900,000 Range
Guarajuba Property

This kind of budget will put houses built over 500 sq. meters on a plot over 700 sq. meters within your reach. You can expect fully furnished 4 suite houses with very premium construction and interiors.

Pool may have fancy features like an artificial waterfall. Furniture includes all the basic electronic equipment like a TV in every suite and multiple refrigerators. You may also get a large garden, servant quarters, etc.

High End Houses In Guarajuba Over $1,000,000

At this price you will get the best luxury seafront houses in European style. You will probably have a sea view from many parts of the house. You can expect houses in plots of over 900 sq. meters.

You are also likely to get lovely gardens, pools, garage for multiple cars and maid quarters. The houses in this range are usually located at the best localities in the best condos. Expect all previously mentioned facilities and more.

Guarajuba has an impressive lineup of houses to offer. If you are considering buying a house in Bahia, then don't forget to check out the range of houses on offer at Guarajuba. You will be impressed by the sheer luxury that is on offer.If you are looking for a nice home for your family, a peaceful retirement home or an investment then you must check out the houses on offer here. You are likely to find several listings of interest to you.

View all houses in Guarajuba now.Click here to view real estate within Guarajuba

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Houses In Guarajuba – Why Choose Guarajuba?

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