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Trancoso, Porto Seguro - Brasil, BahiaBuying Real Estate In Trancoso

There are several factors that make Trancoso a great place to buy real estate in Bahia. The peaceful coastal village is just an hour's drive from the city of Porto Seguro, which has a port, an international airport and is well connected with the rest of Brazil. The tropical weather, the lush green vegetation, the beautiful cliffs along the sandy beaches and relatively low tourist activity make this a very attractive place to live in. Several celebrities have homes here and real estate is highly valued.

Real Estate In Trancoso - Overview

Due to its rural setting, Trancoso offers larger properties than what is available in urban areas. It has plenty of undeveloped land, large farmhouses, beautiful villas, large condos and resorts like the Terravista.

Properties in Trancoso come in a wide price range. You will get farmhouses from R$220,000 to R$5,000,000 and houses from R$250,000 to R$17,000,000. Undeveloped land is available from R$135,000 onwards. You can also buy commercial properties like hotels.

Prices vary depending on the location and other features of properties. Properties near the village square, beachfront properties and places with sea view are in greater demand. Take a closer look at the options and see what you can expect for your budget.

Farmhouses Up To R$450,000

In the lower price range, you get excellent farms close to the river. The area of the land varies from 5000 sq. meters to 4 hectares. You can expect a comfortable 2-bedroom home with a built-up area of about 120 sq. meters. Some properties may also have a smaller home for a caretaker.

Expect a large farm with fruit trees, grassland or tropical vegetation. An irrigation system and reliable source of fresh water should be available. These farms are ideal for growing organic fruits and vegetables.

Farmhouses Over R$450,000

With a higher budget, you can buy large farms in scenic places within 10 km of Trancoso. You can expect minimum 4 hectares of land and a house with at least 200 sq. meters built-up area. Some of these farmhouses may be suitable for conversion into condos or resort hotels.


• 2 to 3 bedrooms.
• Maid room.
• Pool with deck in some properties.
• A huge collection of plants and trees.
• Income generating cash crops like rubber.
• Adequate supply or source of fresh water.
• Irrigation system.

Houses Up To R$1,000,000

Houses close to the village square of Trancoso and just walking distance from the beach are available from R$250,000. As they are close to the main street, shops, bars and restaurants will be available nearby. On the higher side of the range, you can also get homes closer to the beach with magnificent sea views.


• Land with at least 200 sq. meters area.
• Construction between 90 and 300 sq. meters.
• Mostly 2 or 3-bedroom houses. Some 4-bedroom houses may also be available.
• Maid room in some houses.
• Service area.
• Small pantry.
• Some homes come fully furnished.
• Air conditioning in some homes.
• Tropical garden with fruit trees.
• Space for barbecue.
• Pool.
• Garage.

You can also buy a small home in the Terravista resort. These homes have access to all the 5-star facilities of the complex. This includes a golf course, large pool and even a small airstrip.

Houses From R$1,000,000 To R$3,000,000

With a larger investment, you can buy bigger houses in quiet areas of Trancoso. It is also possible to buy a home in an upscale or luxury condo. You can expect panoramic ocean or tropical forest views. Homes are mostly located in uncrowded places close to the village square or the beach.


• Plot size of 500 to 2500 sq. meters.
• Constructed area of 120 to 350 sq. meters.
• Mostly 3 and 4 bedroom houses. Some houses may also offer 5 bedrooms.
• Maid room.
• Mostly fully furnished and decorated homes including upholstery and appliances.
• Security in condos.
• Air-conditioning.
• Barbecue area.
• Large private swimming pool.
• Garage.
• Well.
• Service area.

With this budget, you can also buy a midsize home in the Terravista resort. You get access to all resort amenities including a golf course, gym, large pool, airstrip, steam room, restaurants and recreation area. These homes are perfect holiday homes that can also be rented to tourists. You can expect high rent, good occupancy, excellent maintenance and good appreciation of your investment.

Up-market Houses With Prices Above R$3,000,000

If you want a luxury home in Trancoso, you need a budget of over 3 million reals. You will get homes in premium and quiet locations very close to the beach. Some homes have private beach access and some beachfront homes may also include a small section of the beach. You can expect great architecture and top-notch construction quality. With the right budget, you can also buy a large luxury home in the Terravista Resort.


• Plot size of at least 1000 sq. meters.
• Constructed area of 250 sq. meters or more.
• Mostly 4 to 6 bedroom homes.
• Maid's room.
• Large private swimming pool with deck and poolside bar.
• Garage.
• Visitor parking.
• Air-conditioning.
• High-quality furniture.
• Service area.
• Barbecue area.
• Large landscaped garden and orchard.

Hotels For Sale In Trancoso

Many tourists visit Trancoso during the summer months and New Year holidays. Hotel accommodation is in high demand during the tourist seasons. If you have a budget above R$2,500,000, you can buy a small hotel with about 7 to 10 guest rooms. Most of the hotels are situated near areas of high tourist activity like the beach or the village square. It may be possible to convert some of these properties into a residential condo.


• Plot area of 350 sq. meters onwards.
• Construction area of over 500 sq. meters.
• Up to 10 guest rooms, completely furnished and air conditioned.
• Fully equipped kitchen.
• A small bar.
• Reception.
• Garden.
• Laundry.
• Pool.
• Barbecue area.
• Indoor game area.
• Playground.
• Parking for guests and staff.

Land In Trancoso Up To R$1,000,000

Land with area between 600 and 2200 sq. meters is available for less than a million reals. You can get lots located about 2 to 3 km from the village square or the beach. In most properties, basic infrastructure like fence, electricity and water supply will be available. You may also get lots ideal for home construction in well-developed condos with all the basic facilities.

Land Above R$1,000,000

Land with area upwards of 2500 sq. meters is available for prices over a million reals. You have a wide choice of standalone land or large tracts of land in residential condos. At higher prices, you can expect larger plots, better infrastructure, great views and excellent locations near the beach.


• Fresh water source.
• Easy accessibility to water and electricity supply.
• A small home for caretaker.
• Direct beach access.
• Round the clock security for lots in condos.
• A large collection of trees and native plants.
• Fence or compound wall.

Trancoso is home to some of the most attractive and uncrowded beaches in Bahia. If you are looking for a home or a real estate investment near Porto Seguro, then consider buying real estate in or around Trancoso. It's very conveniently located and offers a wide choice of high-quality properties.

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