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Real Estate For Sale In Vilas do Atlantico - An Overview


Vilas do Atlântico, Lauro de Freitas - Brasil, BahiaReal Estate For Sale In Vilas do Atlantico - An Overview

If you want to buy a nice house in an upmarket urban location not very far from the city of Salvador, then Vilas do Atlantico is one of the places to look for it. Vilas do Atlantico is situated about 20 km from the Bahian capital city of Salvador and about 12 km from its international airport. If you view the real estate for sale in Vilas do Atlantico, you will find that it consists almost entirely of houses.

The best attraction of Vilas do Atlantico is its beach which has the same name. It is famous for its water sports facilities. People living here have facilities that are required for an affluent lifestyle. If you buy a house in Vilas do Atlantico, don't be surprised if your neighbors are successful businessmen, senior executives or high ranking government officials.

Vilas do Atlantico attracts many types of homebuyers. Many people wanting to live here do so because it is only a short drive to Salvador. It is possible to live in this peaceful locality and still work in Salvador.

The houses here are also suitable for generating rental income as the demand is likely to be high both from people wanting to live here and from those who visit the city of Salvador for longer durations or work there. Being an upmarket locality near the capital of Bahia, capital appreciation prospects are also high.

An Overview Of The Houses In Vilas do Atlantico

As mentioned before, houses form bulk of the real estate for sale in Vilas do Atlantico. You will find many great looking and spacious multi-storied houses built on fairly large plots. You can expect at least two bedrooms and one suite even in the smallest houses. Most of them come with the basic fixtures and several are fully furnished.

It is rare to find a house without a swimming pool and garden in this place. Depending upon the price and location, you can also expect air-conditioning, premium fittings, party areas, space to park multiple cars, well designed gardens and play areas. Many houses have quarters for employees. Some also come with one of the rooms converted into an office.

Residents of Vilas do Atlantico have all the facilities that people in a residential area would need. Malls, supermarkets, hospitals, schools and restaurants are close by. The public transport system is also very good.

Prices for houses range from R$600,000 to R$2,200,000 with an average house costing about R$1,000,000. Let us take a look at what can be expected in different price ranges.

Houses Below R$800,000
Vilas Do Atlantico House

Even the lower end houses in Vilas do Atlantico are located in gated communities often close to the beach or in the town. A majority of the houses range between 100 and 400 sq. meters in terms of constructed area and are built on plots of about 400 to 750 sq. meters. However, it is sometimes possible to find larger houses with much larger plots which could be as large as 1800 sq. meters.

In this price range you can expect houses with four to five bedrooms out of which you may get up to three suites. Most houses have a swimming pool and some offer pools with fancy features. A garden is usually available, but on larger plots you may also find spacious lawns or fruit trees. Most houses come unfurnished, but it is also possible to find a few that are fully or partly furnished.

Other features that are commonly provided include multiple parking spaces, security, kennel, employee quarters, sauna, jacuzzi, bar, service area and courts for outdoor games. One of the rooms may also be converted to an office.

View houses for sale in Vilas do Atlantico below R$800,000.

Houses Between R$800,000 And R$1,000,000
Vilas Do Atlantico House 2

Mid range houses are located in premium areas in gated communities near the sea. If they are located in town, they are close to supermarkets and other everyday conveniences. You can expect 250 to 500 sq. meters of construction on plots which are 400 to 1200 sq. meters in area.

The houses usually have three to four suites, a fancy pool, a large garden and multiple covered and open parking spaces. Houses which are located in condos often have additional common facilities like playgrounds or games courts. Many other facilities previously mentioned in lower end houses are also available.

View houses for sale in Vilas do Atlantico between R$800,000 and R$1,000,000.

Top Of The Range Houses Above R$1,000,000

Houses in this range are in some of the best locations in town. Some are located on the seaside or near lovely beaches, while others are close to all conveniences like malls and schools. The size of these houses range from about 400 to 900 sq. meters of constructed area on plots of 500 to 1200 sq. meters. Sometimes you may also find houses on larger plots with an area above 2000 sq. meters.
Vilas Do Atlantico House 3

Most of these houses have four to five bedrooms with two to five suites and some of them have air-conditioning installed.  They are beautifully laid out with a large pool set inside a well-designed garden. In addition to facilities mentioned in lower ranges, you can expect a party area, entertainment area, solar heating and facility to park many cars. The houses are usually offered fully furnished and in some cases the furniture is optional.

View houses in Vilas do Atlantico above R$1,000,000.

The real estate for sale in Vilas do Atlantico will appeal to those who are looking for a house in an upmarket location near Salvador. The mix of urban conveniences, the peaceful life of a quiet neighborhood and the joy of living near a lovely beach with all its leisure activities is a definite advantage.

View all real estate available in Vilas do Atlantico now.Click here to view real estate within Vilas do Atlântico

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Real Estate For Sale In Vilas do Atlantico - An Overview

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