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Lauro de Freitas A Guide


Lauro de Freitas Centro, Lauro de Freitas - Brasil, BahiaLauro de Freitas A Guide

Lauro de Freitas, a municipality just to the north of Salvador and part of the Salvador metropolitan region is the place to stay if you want quick access to Salvador with all its historical attractions and at the same time be within reach of many attractive beaches of the Atlantic coast like Buraquinho and Ipitanga.Unlike more exotic locations like Vilas do Atlantico, at Lauro de Freitas you will be able to find a wider range of accommodation and food outlets.

The topography of the place consists of plateaus, costal tablelands, small hills and several rivers and streams. The Joanes River and the Ipitanga River are the major rivers here. The vegetation is tropical consisting of coconut trees, creepers and shrubs.

Getting Into Lauro de Freitas

Salvador which is just 15 km away, which has the nearest international airport and is well connected by road to the rest of Brazil will be the preferred entry point for most people. The airport is only around 3 km from the cultural centre in Lauro de Freitas.Portuguese and Spanish are the widely spoken languages. Public transportation includes bus services and taxis. You also have the option of renting a car.

Comfortable Temperatures All Round The Year

The climate of the region is tropical. The temperatures hover around 24°C most of the year. Rainfall occurs throughout the year, but the months of April, May and June receive the maximum rainfall.

Attractions And Activities
Lauro de Freitas Festival

The main advantage of Lauro de Freitas is its location. It is close to Salvador which puts all the attractions and nightlife of the city within reach. At the same time, it has many lovely beaches close by including the beaches of Buraquinho, Ipitanga and Vilas do Atlantico.

This makes it possible for visitors to have a nice time at the beaches and also include shopping and sightseeing in and around Salvador in their itinerary. Let us take a look at some of the smaller beaches and things to look forward to in Lauro de Freitas:

The Cultural Centre: This is a place where there are facilities for cultural activities for residents. It also has a reading room and library.

Festival of Micareta de Portão: This is an event which is held in October and marks the beginning of the celebrations of the North Coast. It is a celebration that spans over three days and includes a carnival. Thousands of people including residents and tourists take part in the fun and celebrations.

Iso Parque Recreativo: A park located around 4 km from the cultural centre.

Flamengo Beach: Located around 4 km from the cultural centre, this beach is bordered by dunes and coconut trees. The water is green in color and at high tides the waves come in making it a surfer's paradise. You will be able to take some good pictures including coconuts being sold on the backs of donkeys.

Beach Lauro de Freitas
Stella Maris Beach: Around 6 km from the cultural centre, this beach provides some of the best surfing conditions. At low tide natural shallow pools form where even children can swim safely. Jet skiing is also available for those who want some action.

Metropolitano do Abaeté Park: This is a very attractive park situated in the Environmental Protection Area. The place is characterized by a lagoon with white sand dunes and thick tropical vegetation. There is a playground and plenty of stalls and kiosks selling things like coconut water and sugarcane juice. There are other shops selling crafts. Recreation facilities are also available. There is an activity centre where concerts and other cultural events are held.

Itapuã Beach: One of the most frequented beaches of Salvador, it provides a splendid view with green waters, rocks, palm trees and natural pools. There are plenty of stalls here which sell fruits and cold beverages.

• Placaford Beach, Piatã Beach, Jaguaribe Beach and Patamares Beach are the other famous beaches nearby.

A Range Of Food And Accommodation Options To Suit All Tastes And Budgets
Lauro de Freitas Real Estate

Lauro de Freitas provides lots of options when it comes to finding a place to stay or eat. There are a range of hotels offering all types of accommodation with various facilities to meet every type of need and budget.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Many serve local cuisine, but other popular international cuisines are available as well. There are other eating outlets near most places frequented by tourists serving snacks and drinks.

Lauro de Freitas is an excellent place to stay for tourists. It is very close to the international airport and is not far from the city of Salvador. Residents and visitors who choose to stay here get the best of both worlds with easy access to nature and the historical city.

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Lauro de Freitas A Guide

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