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Newly Listed Homes In Praia do Forte - Oct 2017


Praia do Forte, Mata de São João - Brasil, BahiaNewly Listed Homes In Praia do Forte - Oct 2017

Good beachfront homes are hard to come by and are often expensive. A great alternative is a home just a couple of minutes from the beach. It's usually quieter and you get almost all the advantages of a beachfront home. Here are some recently-listed homes in Praia do Forte that are close to the beach or the Timeantube Lagoon.

Large 5 Bedroom House Close To The Beach

Large Five-Bedroom House Close To The Beach

The house is just 300 meters from the beach and is close to the natural pools. It's part of an upscale condo with all essential amenities, plenty of open space and rich natural vegetation.

The two-floor house uses traditional architecture and there is liberal use of wood in the structural components. There are five bedroom suites, four of them are upstairs. All four bedrooms have access to the long corridor that surrounds the living space on the top floor. The living room, kitchen and maid's quarters are on the ground floor. The design allows plenty of natural light and good cross ventilation. You can enjoy the breeze without going to the beach. Outside, you have a pool with wooden deck, surrounded by a large lawn, bordered with trees and shrubs. The path to the beach is neatly laid with interlocking paving blocks.

House features:

  • Built-up area of 310 sq. meters.
  • Living and dining room.
  • Kitchen and service area.
  • Pool with deck.
  • Pool with deck.

Condo features:

  • Clubhouse with pool.
  • Party hall.
  • Indoor games.
  • Round the clock security.

Beautiful Fully Furnished Apartment With Lagoon View

Beautiful Fully-furnished Apartment With Lagoon View

The home is in a large upscale condo next to the lagoon. Development here is done with care to preserve the natural vegetation and the beauty of the lagoon and its surroundings. The condo is spread over an area of 34,610 sq. meters.

The one-bedroom apartment being offered is one among the few units in the condo that has a lagoon view. The attractive two-floor apartment building is surrounded by lush green lawns that are dotted with coconut palms. The entire plot is surrounded by thick vegetation. Overall, the home with its wood window frames and wood balcony railings is quite impressive. The construction quality and finish are excellent. The apartment has a spacious balcony, attractive interiors and is designed to allow good cross ventilation. There is an automated curtain to separate the living and dining areas if needed. It is available for R$ 740,000.

Apartment features:

  • Carpet area of 77 sq. meters.
  • Living and dining room.
  • Two parking spaces.

Condo features:

  • Separate adult and kids pool.
  • Sports courts.

5 Bedroom Luxury House In Praia do Forte

Five-bedroom Upscale House In Praia do Forte

This beautiful house is part of a seaside condo and is designed by renowned architect David Bastos. The condo is located in a green zone and the home is just 300 meters from the Piscinas Naturais beach. It also has direct access to the beach.

The two-floor house is beautifully designed with a mix of the traditional and the modern styles. There are two wings connected by an internal passage. The house has large spacious rooms and wood theme interiors. The American-style kitchen with its red countertops is very impressive. There are four bedroom suites on the top floor and one bedroom on the ground floor. There is a room to accommodate the maid. The swimming pool is constructed using rare green natural stones imported from Indonesia and its beauty is enhanced by the large wooden deck that surrounds it.

House features:

  • Built area of 444 sq. meters.
  • Four bedroom suites on the upper floor.
  • American style kitchen.
  • Maid's room.
  • Pump house.

Condo amenities:

  • Club.
  • Party hall.
  • Gym.
  • Round the clock security.

Fully Furnished 4 Bedroom House Close To The Beach And Village

Fully-furnished Four-Bedroom House Close To The Beach And Village

This house is located in an uncrowded green area close to the beach and village of Praia do Forte. It is a traditional design with tile roofs and extensive use of wood in construction. Large lawns surround the property. You get an open-plan kitchen with integrated dining area. The garage can accommodate two vehicles. The home has a party area with barbecue, cooking facilities, freezer and brewery. It is available for R$ 890,000.

House features:

  • Built area of 100 sq. meters.
  • Party area with barbecue, stove, freezer and brewery.
  • Laundry room.

2 Bedroom Apartment In Upscale Condo In Timeantube Reserve

Two-Bedroom Apartment In Upscale Condo In Timeantube Reserve

The apartment is in a condo located on the banks of the Timeantube Lagoon, a premium locality in Praia do Forte. Development is controlled in this area to prevent any damage to the environment or the natural beauty of the lagoon and its surroundings. The condo is spread over an area of 34,600 sq. meters.

Besides the attractive elevation and excellent finish, the building is surrounded by lawns dotted with trees. The interior of the apartment is also captivating. The home comes with an American-style kitchen. You can buy it currently for R$ 650,000.

Apartment features:

  • Carpet area of 76 sq. meters.
  • American style kitchen.

Condo features:

  • Separate pool for adults and kids.
  • Sports courts.

If you are looking for an attractive home in Praia do Forte, start by looking at the above properties. Call our agents to view or look for more great options. We have a large number of properties on offer and we will be able to find one that is a close match to your requirements.

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Newly Listed Homes In Praia do Forte - Oct 2017

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