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A Guide To The Range Of Houses And House Prices In Bahia Brazil


A Guide To The Range Of Houses And House Prices In Bahia Brazil

There are many reasons why the houses in Bahia have always been very attractive. Not only is it an excellent place to live in, it is also a smart place to make an investment. Houses in Bahia are likely to figure high in the minds of people looking for quality real estate for own use, for commercial use or for capital appreciation.

The villages of the Bahia coast and its cities present some very irresistible tourist destinations. The proximity to nature, the atmosphere of celebration and the rich culture shaped by a long and interesting history makes these places worthy of repeat visits.

However that is just part of the story. One of the unique features of Bahia is that it offers something for everybody irrespective of their areas of interest, be it nature, adventure, water sports, revelry, sightseeing, shopping, eating, you name it and Bahia has something great to offer.

This combination of a fantastic relaxing atmosphere, great tourism potential, an economy on cruise control, domestic demand, stable political system and investor friendly laws makes Bahia a very wise investment destination for every type of real estate seeker and investing in the houses an even wiser option. Let us take a look at what the houses in Bahia have on offer.

The Range Of Houses In Bahia
Colonial Houses

Bahia has much to offer when it comes to houses. The houses here range from lovely traditional cottages standing in between nice little gardens to high end buildings with the most modern design and architecture in luxury condos at priced locations.

While most houses will offer you the basic facilities such as a swimming pool and a garden, you can expect some great beach views and sea views in most of the houses in the coastal areas.

Some houses are made with commercial investment in mind and offer a guesthouse, restaurant and bar or have the space for expansion. You will very often come across plots with multiple houses being sold and bought as one piece of real estate.

Most houses on offer have some specialty and many have more than one strong point. A few examples would be proximity to the beach, a fantastic sea view, river, lake or lagoon view, commercial suitability, a large plot of land, gardens with landscaping, multiple houses and premium construction or location.

Prices of houses have a lot to do with their location, the plot area, the house area, the quality of construction, the age of the property and many other variables.As a consequence the prices vary widely from one house to the next and price alone does not tell the whole story.

To give you an idea about the prices, you may find some houses in Porto Seguro for as low as $46,000 while just a ferry ride across at Arraial d'Ajuda a beachside mansion could cost you over $2,700,000. We will take the average prices in the towns to gauge relative costs of owning a house there.

The All Saints Bay
All Saints Bay

This area close to Salvador is best known for the splendid view of the bay from which it gets its name. There are houses in Itaparica from just over $67,000 to $788,000 at an average price of around $284,000. Most of these houses provide a nice view of the All Saints Bay.

The Chapada Diamantina

This is an inland region, but that does not mean that it is any lesser in tourism potential when compared to the coastal regions.Lonely Planet rates this area as one of the highlights of Brazil. It is a very scenic area set among mountains, waterfalls and valleys. It is also the home of one of the best national parks in the country.

There are houses in Chapada Diamantina from $106,000 to around $739,000 with an average price of $323,000. You will find houses located in the town close to all facilities.

The Cocoa Coast

This region got its name due to its cocoa cultivation. You will find houses on offer at Canavieiras, Ilheus, Itacare, Itacimirim, Olivenca and Una. The average price of houses in this region is around $314,300.

Canavieiras offers the most economical houses at an average price of $78,800 while Ilhéus which has an average price of $418,500 is the most expensive area. Most of the houses are near the beach or provide a sea view. There are quite a few houses inland or in town as well.

The Coconut Coast
Coconut Coast Sea Turtle

Though the region got its name due to its coconut palms, the place has much more to offer and ecotourism is one of its strong points. You will find houses in Arembepe, Arua, Barra do Jacuipe, Conde, Costa do Sauipe, Diogo, Guarajuba, Imbassai, Interlagos, Jaua, Porto de Sauipe, Praia do Forte and Subauma.

Most of the houses are close to the sea, beaches or lakes. You will also find some inland houses as well as some houses in the town areas. The average price is $428,000. Arembepe has the lowest average price of $113,000 while Interlagos has the highest average price of $909,000.

The Discovery Coast

This area is a tourism paradise and offers some breathtaking beaches as well as the best of the Atlantic rainforests and biodiversity.

Houses are on offer at Arraial d'Ajuda, Caraiva, Coroa Vermelha, Porto Seguro, Santa Cruz Cabralia and Trancoso. Most of the houses are on the beach and many are located either in or close to towns.

Coroa Vermelha offers the lower priced houses with an average of close to $92,000 while Santa Cruz Cabralia offers the more expensive options with an average price of about $985,000.

Lauro De Freitas

Lauro De Freitas Beach Condo
Lauro de Freitas is part of the Salvador Metropolitan Region and other than being close to the beach and river areas, its strong point is its proximity to Salvador. It offers houses in some fabulous beach condos.

The main areas are Buraquinho, Busca Vida, Encontro das Aguas, Lauro de Freitas town and Vilas do Atlantico. Most of the houses are at or very near the beach, but offer all urban conveniences while some others are slightly inland in urban localities.

The average price is around $596,720 with Buraquinho being the relatively less pricey area with an average price of approximately $230,000 and Encontro das Aguas offering the more expensive houses with an average of around $885,000.

The Palm Coast

Boipeba, Gamboa de Morro, Morro de Sao Paulo and Valença are the major towns offering houses in this region at an average price of $250,500.

Morro de Sao Paulo is among the lowest priced areas with an average price of $216,000 while Valença is the more premium locality with an average price near about $591,000. Most houses on offer are in the beach area or near the sea.

Houses In Salvador

Salvador, the city in Brazil that attracts the second largest number of visitors and which is a world heritage site is also a tourism hotspot.

It is famous for its historical attractions, nightlife, urban beaches and the annual carnival. It is also a host city for the upcoming Olympics and Football World Cup.
Salvador Carnival
Salvador offers houses in many areas which include areas bordering Lauro de Freitas, Graca, Horto Florestal, Itapua, Jaguaribe, Jardim Apipema, Nazare, Patamares, Pelourinho, Piata, St. Kitts and Stella Maris in addition to the All Saints Bay area discussed previously.

Average price of a house in Salvador is about $393,600 with Nazaré being the most expensive area with an average of about $1,329,641. The least expensive area is St. Kitts where the average price is about $118,200. Most of the houses are either near the sea or inside the city.

The Whale Coast

This area in the southern part of Bahia is famous for its crystal clear waters, marine life and the Abrolhos National Park. Houses are available in Cumuruxatiba at an average price of $318,870. Most of the houses are in seaside locations.

Bahia offers a wide variety of houses in some very desirable locations and with varied facilities and prices.

With such a large range of houses to choose from it makes sense to get in touch with people who have local knowledge. Start by taking a look at the impressive list of houses in Bahia on offer here. You will find several real estate offerings of interest to you, but there are many more.

Let our experience work for you. Get in touch with us and we will help you find the perfect house that matches your requirements and budget.

View houses in Bahia now.

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A Guide To The Range Of Houses And House Prices In Bahia Brazil

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