Praia do Forte Real Estate Market


Praia do Forte, Mata de São João - Brasil, BahiaPraia do Forte Real Estate Market

This is a calm fishing town that is approximately 50 miles from the capital city, Salvador. Such close proximity with Salvador makes Praia do Forte easily accessible by air. In this town fishing is a popular industry but the wonderful beaches, which offer a relaxing and engaging holiday experience, make Praia do Forte a popular destination for tourists.

Over the last couple of years the town has emerged as a very vibrant town economically due to its rare ecological reserves and other natural tourist attractions.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

This small town boasts a vibrant real estate market with an array of properties ranging from restaurants, to hotels, villas and condos which are situated close or even on the beaches. These properties are ideal for development to target the booming domestic and international tourist market.

Drivers Towards The Boom
Praia do Forte Aerial View

Some of the key factors that have immensely contributed towards the Praia do Forte real estate growth are:

1: Rapid Economic Growth

The state of Bahia which hosts the town is at the moment experiencing fast economic growth courtesy of the booming tourism industry and the steady growth of the Brazilian economy in general. The tourism boom in no small part is boosted by the welcoming nature of the Bahia people and their cultural heritage. Bahia is already a UNESCO cultural site and this is also a contributing factor towards the popularity.

2: Tropical Climate

Bahia boasts of temperatures that hover close to around 27 degrees Celsius making it an ideal place to stay. The beaches around are very peaceful and at the same time active all year round making it an excellent resort town.

Praia do Forte Beach
3: Peace and Tranquillity

Praia do Forte is a very peaceful place with very few incidents of either violence or robbery. The locals within the area understand the importance of maintaining good relations within the community this makes for a relaxed community which further enhances the tourist experience.

4: Booming Real Estate Market

The Brazilian real estate market and in particular Praia do Forte real estate is yet to peak and this implies that the value of any piece of property is more likely to rise in the coming few years. Even if the property is left idle, re-selling it in future is likely to deliver a good return.

5: Available Financing Options

Because the town is already recognized as a tourist haven and a booming property market, there are various financing options that are available for any prospective investor. This makes the task of starting the real estate investment venture easier and also less time consuming.
Praia do Forte Property

Within the Praia do forte region, there is a real opportunity to achieve a good return on investment in property as you can either develop your investment to be used in the booming tourism industry or simply as permanent or holiday home in a wonderfully scenic and relaxed part of the World.

Prospective property investors in Praia do Forte real estate need to embark on their initiative by consulting with an experienced realtor who is well versed with the processes of acquiring and transferring properties. This in return will make the entire process much easier and less time consuming.

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Praia do Forte Real Estate Market

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