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Arraial d'Ajuda Attractions And Property


Arraial d'Ajuda, Porto Seguro - Brasil, BahiaArraial d'Ajuda Attractions And Property

Arraial d'Ajuda is part of ‘The Discovery Coast' and a short ferry ride across the river from Porto Seguro, Arraial d'Ajuda forms part of the municipality of Porto Seguro, which has the nearest commercial airport. Arraial d'Ajuda is very much like an upmarket European tourist resort, without the associated expense. Fashionable, modern, vibrant and unspoiled.

Arraial d'Ajuda is a historical town situated on a plateau above the coast and is aimed at the discerning tourist, rather than the mass market approach of Porto Seguro. A major tourist destination in its own right, the town is much more charming than Porto Seguro.

History And Attractions
Arraial d'Ajuda Bahia

Arraial's earliest recorded history dates back to the 16th century and the discovery and conquest of Brazil. There are processions and festivals here the year round.

This city is famous for it's religious parties, some of the most traditional are St. Sebastian(20 January) and St. Cosme and St. Damian(September 27). The largest celebration is on 15th August, for St. Nossa Senhora d'Ajuda it attracts thousands, tourists and locals alike.

The nearby National Park of Monte Pascoal and Indian reservation and the white beaches and lagoons annually attract international tourists.

A peaceful tourist village with indisputable appeal, it's narrow paved roads and dusty lanes wind beneath large, shady trees, with lovely pousadas and open air restaurants hidden among the greenery. Solid, brightly painted façades surround its plazas, and the air remains tinged with the scent of tropical vegetation.

In the evenings the place to visit is “Broduei” (pronounced “Broadway”). Here you can find bars and restaurants with all kinds of food (from Acarajé to Sushi to Mexican) and live music. You can also find locals offering their handicrafts as souvenirs. A second popular area is the Estrada do Mucugê, a bustling artery lined with boutiques, bars, and restaurants that magically spring to life come sundown.

The Beaches And Activities

Arraial d'Ajuda Bahia
There are many beaches here but the most popular are Araçaí, Apaga Fogo, Canoas, Mucugê, Tororão e Pitinga, some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere.

The Town offers numerous activities, if you are interested in scuba diving there are operators there, they'll take you to dive in Abrolhos (one of the most famous diving spot in Brazil). You can also take Lambada classes and follow trekking trails as well as learn regular surfing and kite surfing.

Property And Development

Arraial d'Ajuda today has a thriving international community, a number of chic shopping centres, an amazing array of restaurants and bars, more than you can count, a nightlife which will extend to 24hrs if you want it to and access to some of the best beaches in Brazil.

There is an enviable quality of life and no doubt it's desirability will increase exponentially over the coming years to become one of the most desirable spots in Bahia and indeed Brazil.

Property development space is limited and demand is high, so expect prices to rise further. This area also features Club Med as well as one of Brazil's most prestigious resorts in TerraVista.

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