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Arraial d'Ajuda Bahia Brazil A Guide


Arraial d'Ajuda, Porto Seguro - Brasil, BahiaArraial d'Ajuda Bahia Brazil A Guide

Bahian tourist destinations have many things in common, but each place in Bahia has a distinct personality of its own. One such place tucked away in the Discovery Coast, just a ferry ride away from the more urban setup of Porto Seguro is Arraial d'Ajuda.

It is a charming and peaceful village covered with shady trees sheltering a set of winding roads and lanes. The streets are lined with little restaurants and pousadas where you can indulge in a variety of food while enjoying the sweet smell of tropical vegetation that is always in the air at Arraial.

Getting In And Around

Arraial d'Ajuda is located on the discovery coast near the port town of Porto Seguro. Porto Seguro has an international airport which is serviced by international chartered flights as well as domestic airlines which connect it to the other airports in Brazil. It is also well connected with the rest of Brazil by road.

The best way to reach Arraial is to take a ferry ride from Porto Seguro. There are two services, one for passengers and the other for cars. These ferry services operate at half an hour intervals during most part of the day. A short bus or van ride from the dock and you will be in Arraial d'Ajuda. Once there you have the option of hiring a bike or bicycle to help you move around.

Tropical Climate With The Smell Of Tropical Vegetation In The Air
Arraial d'Ajuda View

The thick greenery at the village will cool anyone's eyes. The weather is also quite comfortable with moderate temperatures and cool breezes that is characteristic of the Bahian coastal towns where the climate is tropical.

Things To Do in Arraial d'Ajuda
Rua do Mucugê

Everything about Arraial is interesting, including its streets. The most attractive of these streets is the Rua do Mucugê, probably one of the most charming streets in Brazil. You will get everything that you want right on this street. It is lined on both sides with a variety of outlets. There are restaurants, bars, pizza outlets, hotels, pousadas and other services like pharmacies, internet cafes, etc.

Arraial d'Ajuda Coast

A walk down Rua do Mucugê will take you to Praia do Mucugê, the closest beach to Arraial where you will love walking on the soft white sands. There are other beaches like Apaga-Fogo and Araçaipe where you will find pousadas that will offer water sports equipment on rent. You will get equipment for a variety of sports including kayaking and windsurfing.

Praia do Parracho and Praia da Pitinga are two other attractive beaches. The later is set against a backdrop of stone cliffs made up of red and white rocks. The sugar like sands of the beach set against the cliffs will leave a lasting impression on your mind. If you want to spend some private moments on the beach then Praia de Taipe is the one to go to. It is possible to walk further to Trancoso during low tide.

Arraial d'Ajuda Eco Parque

Arguably the biggest water park in the region, this is the place to take the entire family to indulge in aquatic activities. It is located on Praia dos Coqueiros which is close to Praia do Mucugê. You will find all kinds of water slides, wave pools and the other rides that you can expect in a state of the art water park. There are other options like tree climbing and rappelling when you get tired of playing in the water.


Lively music coming out of the bars and restaurants will set you in the right mood and keep you from going back to your hotel.

Cultural Activities

Arraial d'Ajuda has a tradition and culture that has evolved over centuries from the mix of people from different parts of the world. You will find opportunities to experience the rich culture here that expresses itself in the dance, food, religious beliefs and practices.

Places To Stay
Arraial d'Ajuda View

There is no shortage of places or accommodation options in Arraial which will suit a variety of budgets. The prices are very reasonable for the facilities provided in off seasons, but in summer which is the peak tourist season they can literally double. It is wise to plan your trip and book well in advance if you are visiting in the peak season.


There are plenty of restaurants and most of these get into top gear only later in the day. When they do the options are so vast that you will have a tough time deciding what to eat. There is lot of local fare from classic to exotic dishes. There is plenty of seafood available and in the unlikely event that you get bored eating seafood you can switch to a variety of international cuisines.

Arraial d'Ajuda is a place that will make you want to stay on forever and a lot of people do invest in real estate and settle down here. Such is the charm of the place that you will want to come again and again to indulge in the beauty of the beaches, the warm scent of nature, the easygoing atmosphere and some very interesting food and culture.

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