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Porto Seguro Attractions And Property


Porto Seguro, Porto Seguro - Brasil, BahiaPorto Seguro Attractions And Property

Porto Seguro is located on the Atlantic coast at a midway point between Salvador and Vitória. It is 707 km. south of Salvador and 613 km. north of Vitória. With 90km of beaches this is Bahias number one tourist destination and the second in the whole of Brazil.

A city of two parts, the upper, or Historical city where there are many monuments of cultural importance, and the lower, modern area that is full of bars, restaurants, shops, local crafts and is alive with music and dancing throughout the night – seven days a week!

Porto Seguro is where the Portuguese first set foot in what was to become Brazil. Inspired by the the tranquil waters of the bay they called the bay Porto Seguro, which means Safe Haven.
Porto Seguro Bahia

The landscape hasn't changed much since Captain Cabral's fleet arrived. One hundred beaches are framed by the Atlantic Rainforest and cliffs ranging in colour from white to red.

Porto Seguro is today one of the main tourist destinations in Brazil.

Porto Seguro Town

The historical site in the Cidade Alta area is a National Heritage Monument put under government trust by a Federal Decree since 1973. It was one of the first towns in Brazil and played an important role during the first years of European colonization. It includes three churches and around 40 buildings (among private residential houses and public institutions)

The stretch from Porto Seguro to Caravelas is called the Costa do Descobrimento (Coast of the Discovery). The restaurants, resorts and quality inns of Arraial D'Ajuda, Trancoso and Caraíva offer charm and sophistication. Further south, Cumuruxatiba is another tourist magnet, combining simplicity with boat or jeep excursions. Spectacular coral reefs and humpback whales await divers at the National Marine Park of Abrolhos, close to the pleasant historical city of Caravelas.

In town, the busiest place is Passarela do Álcool (Alcohol Catwalk), lined with bars which stay open all through the night. Here you can have dinner with live music and buy gifts made in the region.


The city offers one of the most famous Carnival parties in Bahia. “Electric Trios” (trucks carrying sound systems and live bands), dancing “blocos” and “cordões” (street dancing groups) drag thousands of tourists along the "Passarela do Álcool" Passageway and to beach bars.

Tourism And Beaches

Counting Tourism as it's number one industry this has expanded fast in recent years and there is highly visible growth in Porto Seguro. What was once a small town of fewer than 10,000 people in the 1970s has become a city of over 100,000 people. One suburb on the southern bank of the Buranhém River, Arraial d'Ajuda, has grown from approximately 900 people in 1990 to 11,411 in 2005.

The beach kiosks that made Lambada such a hit in the late 1980s are still all the rage but the soundtrack has changed. Terapuã beach has many hotels and kiosks. There are shows day and night, dance lessons, exercise classes, restaurants, water sports, paragliding and helicopter flights.

The nearby Curuípe (with clear coral pools), Mundaí and Itacimirim beaches are more laid back. The Rio dos Mangues beach offers a quiet mangrove area and pools where the river is dammed by the reefs. The two other main beaches, Ponta Grande, with crystal clear waters and reefs, and Mutá, are long and nearly deserted.


Around 88% of the property here is owned by Brazilians which reflects the domestic popularity of this area. Developments are restricted to 2 storeys to minimize the environmental and scenic impact and to avoid spoiling the area.

Real estate in Porto Seguro is reasonably priced with apartments only moments from the beach starting from just over $60,000, houses are available with land from $160,000 upwards, land can be picked up for as little as $17,000 and farms are available from around $110,000.

If you're in the market for a Hotel or purchasing land for potential property development then you're looking at $1M+ for a 20 room Hotel, this area is on the up, and a substantial plot of land can cost you many millions.

Despite being the No.1 tourist destination within Bahia there are still hot property opportunities in Porto Seguro.

View real estate in Porto Seguro now.Click here to view real estate within Porto Seguro

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Porto Seguro Attractions And Property

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