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Itacimirim - Own A Luxurious Home In The Lap Of Nature


Itacimirim, Camaçarí - Brasil, BahiaItacimirim - Own A Luxurious Home In The Lap Of Nature

Do you love nature? Do you prefer to live in peace and quiet, away from the madding crowds? Do you want a home just a stone's throw from vast empty beaches that you can have to yourself?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then Itacimirim is made for you. Although the coastal village of Itacimirim on the Coconut Coast in Bahia provides all of these benefits, you are not far away from urban facilities.


Itacimirim is just 48 km from Salvador Airport and 74 km from the historic city. The famed tourist destination Praia do Forte is just 5 km away. The proximity to the international airport makes it easy for you to reach your Itacimirim home from any city in the world.

The proximity to Praia do Forte and its natural attractions like the Tamar Project and the Sapiranga Reserve makes Itacimirim the ideal place if you are in love with nature and love activities like hiking, water sports and whale watching. Being a tourist destination, Praia do Forte has plenty of facilities and entertainment options: restaurants, night life, the crowds and shopping outlets.

Itacimirim itself has beaches of yellow or white sand, gentle waves and crystal clear waters, just what you need to enjoy a quiet day surfing or swimming. Apart from few local residents, a few beach huts and the occasional tourists on weekends, the beaches are mostly deserted.

The Attraction of Itacimirim

Other than the peace and quiet, Itacimirim presents some great beaches that are ideal for fun with the family. The waters are peaceful and the warm water pools that form at low tides are a pleasure to swim in. Add to this, the rivers, mangroves, coconut palms, nesting sea turtles, whales and the breathtaking scenery and you have the ideal location for a peaceful and happy existence.

If you visit Itacimirim once, you won't feel like leaving and you will want to keep coming back. That brings us to the subject of buying a holiday home in this wonderful place. Real estate in Itacimirim comes in a wide range of prices and irrespective of the size of your budget, you can find a great home here. Apartments are available from R$370,000 and houses come with price tags starting from R$390,000. You also have the option of buying land either as an investment or for construction. The price starts from about R$275,000.

Apartments In Itacimirim Under R$500,000

This budget is enough to buy a comfortable apartment of up to 100 sq. m with a sea view or located close to the beach. Finding a two-bedroom apartment with a small balcony should be easy. You may get a fully furnished apartment, which takes away the hassle and costs of furnishing. Apartments come with one or two reserved parking spaces for your vehicles. The condo will usually have a swimming pool, a playground or a children's play area, round the clock security and a small clubhouse.

Apartments From R$500,000 Onwards

With the higher budget, you will find spacious apartments with more facilities and in excellent seaside locations close to the beach. Depending on your budget, you can get four large bedrooms with attached bathrooms, possibly a maid's room and a large open terrace. You may also get features like an American style kitchen, pantry, laundry and large closets. Apartments will usually come fully furnished, including appliances. You can just move in.

The condo will provide premium features like a reception, party area, large pool with deck, poolside bar and barbecue area. There will be ample parking spaces for your visitors. You can expect beautiful landscaped gardens, a separate play area for kids and volleyball or tennis courts for adults. The round the clock security and concierge will keep you safe and comfortable.

Houses Up To R$1,000,000

Within a budget of R$ 1 million or below, you should have no difficulty in buying houses with up to 400 sq. m floor space in a lot of up to 1800 sq. m. Most of these houses come with three to four bedrooms, a service area, rooftop terrace, balconies and a maid's room. You will have your own swimming pool, garage and a small garden. Most houses in Itacimirim are part of gated communities, which gives you additional benefits like round the clock security, community pools, paved streets and lighting. You can also expect facilities like round the clock security, clubhouse, large landscaped garden, facility for indoor games, playgrounds, tennis courts and golf cart rides to the beach.

Houses Over R$1,000,000

The higher range of houses in Itacimirim consists of large villas of up to 800 sq. m floor space and 3000 sq. m of land. Most homes come with four to six air-conditioned bedrooms and a maid's room. The homes come fully furnished, including high quality appliances. The condos are located in prime waterfront locations with exclusive beach access. The architecture and construction quality will be among the best in town. Your will have your own large swimming pool, garage for multiple vehicles, parking for your visitors and maybe even a home for a caretaker or maids.

Most of the high-priced homes are located in luxury condos. You can expect beautiful landscaping with water bodies, bridges, premium pools, lap pools, waterfalls, fountains, LED pool lighting and separate pools for kids. A deck and poolside bar is a common feature. Expect a good quality gym or fitness center, party halls, barbecue areas, kids play area, volleyball or tennis courts and a football ground. Condos have 24 hour security with guard houses and CCTV monitoring. You may get walking and cycling tracks and the whole condo may have Wi-Fi internet coverage. Some condos even feature a helipad.

Land And Commercial Options

Commercial real estate like shops and hotels are also sometimes available in Itacimirim. You can expect ideal locations and the necessary infrastructure for running your business.

If you want to do your own construction, you can buy land in Itacimirim. You have a wide range of options from 100 sq. m lots for small homes to land running to over 100 hectares suitable for resorts, hotels or gated communities.

Itacimirim is one of the best places to live if you are running a business in Praia do Forte or the surrounding areas. It is also an excellent place to buy a holiday home. The peace and quiet along with its proximity to the international airport makes it a great location for your ideal getaway.

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Itacimirim - Own A Luxurious Home In The Lap Of Nature

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