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The Best Things To Do In Praia Do Forte


Praia do Forte, Mata de São João - Brasil, BahiaThe Best Things To Do In Praia Do Forte

Praia do Forte is an upmarket beach resort in Bahia. It was a fishing village, but has been converted into a tourist attraction and a center for environmental conservation. Walking down the main street, Alameda do Sol, you will find a lineup of nice boutiques and restaurants. The street will take you to a little church, a turtle conservation project and lovely white sand beaches surrounded by palm trees.

Further from the resort, if you walk along the beach at sunset on a full moon day, you will be able to see the magnificent view of the moon-rise over the sea, set against the Timeantube lagoon, as the setting sun turns its waters red.

The village is surrounded by ruins of old castles, a lagoon, which is excellent for canoeing and the Sapiranga forest reserve. The forest, which has a zip-line and trails for hiking and biking, is a treat for the outdoor sport enthusiasts and nature lovers. 

Whether it is shopping, dining, sightseeing or adventure, In Praia do Forte, you will never run out of things to do. Here are a few things, which you will enjoy doing in Praia do Forte.

Dining At The Sabor da Vila

Praia do Forte Dining
If you are looking for authentic Bahian food, this is one of the best places to go to. The choice is wide, but moquecas, grilled fish and picanha (tender sirloin steak) are the star attractions.

Visiting Castelo do Garcia d'Avila

The castle, which is now in ruins, was one of the first large buildings during the Portuguese colonization era. Its history dates back to 1552, when the king of Portugal, desperate to control this territory, started granting lands to important people.

Due to sheer luck, Garcia d'Avila, a small farmer, was given a tract of land with Praia do Forte as its base and extending inland till the state of Maranhao. This made him the biggest landowner in the Northeast, overnight.

Garcia constructed his house on a plot with an ocean view and dotted with palm trees. The site is about seven kilometers from the town and there is a sign to show you the way. If you don't like walking or cycling that far, you can take a taxi.

Hiking In The Reserva da Sapiranga

A dirt track starting from the road to the Garcia d'Avila castle will take you to the Sapiranga Reserve, which is an Atlantic rainforest that is spread over 600 hectares. There are hiking and biking trails and student guides will help you find the way. You can take a short hike for about 30 minutes, or choose one of the longer routes that can take up to five hours. The most popular trail takes you to Rio Pojuca, where you can have a swim.

Watching Sea Turtles At The Projeto Tamar

If you are a nature lover, you are going to love the Tamar project, which allows you to watch turtles and other sea creatures from close range. The location is on the beach, next to the church
Sea Turtle
and the lighthouse. It is a successful non-profit organization, whose main goal is to save five endangered species of turtles found in the local seas.

Activities At Portomar

Portomar takes you on exciting local tours and activities. You have excellent options if you enjoy birdwatching, quad-bike riding, kayaking, canopy tours or whale-watching (seasonal). You can also snorkel and scuba dive and get a close view of the colorful coral reefs in the natural pools, which form on the beaches during low tide.

Relaxing At The Souza Bar

This relaxing bar and restaurant inside the Tamar complex is the place to go if you want to eat some seafood while sitting on the rocky shore. You can enjoy fresh clams and caipirinhas and if you sit near the cliffs, you will be splashed when the big waves meet the rocks.

Dining At Vila Gourmet

This restaurant serves some great dishes from the regional cuisine. The food is organic, with the vegetables and eggs coming from a private farm. The restaurant is connected to the Pousada
Souza Bar
Sobrado da Vila (hotel).

Excursions With Centrotur

They take you on local tours and excursions. You can go on bird-watching treks, hiking, canopy tours, kayaking, and whale-watching excursions (in the right season).

Eating At The Restaurante do Castelo

This restaurant is located at the Garcia d'Avila castle. It does not offer a huge menu, but you can select from seafood, grilled steak and some other local favorites. Enjoy the views as you eat.

Buffet Lunch At Casa da Nati

One of the favorite restaurants in town, it offers an excellent lunch buffet and at night, you can order mouthwatering a la carte dishes.

We have covered some of the places and activities that you will regret missing, but there are many other activities that you will enjoy. People living in Praia Do Forte will agree that you will never run out of ideas in this place. No wonder then that many people buy real estate and settle down in this place. The houses and apartments being offered are as attractive as the place itself. 

View real estate for sale in Praia do Forte.Click here to view real estate within Praia do Forte

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The Best Things To Do In Praia Do Forte

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