Itaigara Apartments And Houses Your Options For A Home In Salvador


Itaigara Apartments And Houses Your Options For A Home In Salvador

If you are looking for a home in an upscale neighborhood in Salvador, then you must take a look at the apartments or houses in Itaigara. Itaigara is located in the southeastern part of the city and is known as an affluent locality. Originally a part of Pituba, its rapid growth has elevated its status to a separate locality in Salvador.

Itaigara is divided into three zones, called one, two and three. Itaigara-3 is strictly a residential area. The area has all the conveniences for everyday living like schools, supermarkets, clinics, restaurants, bars, parks and shopping malls.

Overview Of Itaigara Real Estate

Itaigara Real Estate
Being part of a city, most homes in the locality are apartments, although you will find houses at a higher price. Itaigara apartments will start from about R$280,000 and the price can go as far as R$1,300,000 for a high-end apartment. The average price of an apartment should be about R$632,000.

Houses are available above R$1,200,000 and the price depends on the location, size and features. On an average, the price of a house should be about R$1,350,000.

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Apartments Below R$500,000

The location of even the lower range apartments is very suitable for everyday urban living. You will find schools, colleges, malls, supermarkets and pharmacies close by.

• Size: You can expect a built-up area between 60 and 104 sq. meters. You will get two to three bedrooms with at least one suite. Parking space for two vehicles is also usually available.

• Facilities: Most apartment condos will offer a common swimming pool. Some condos will have a garden, green area, playground or sports court as part of the outdoor features.

• Other features: You can expect facilities like a ballroom, game room, concierge, barbecue area and an assembly room. Some condos may offer internet or cable TV connection.

Apartments Between R$500,000 And R$700,000

Midrange apartments are again located near everyday conveniences. In some condos you may get an apartment with sea view.

• Size: The built-up area for most of these apartments will range from 130 to 150 sq. meters. You can expect four bedrooms with at least two suites in this range. Parking facility for two cars is usually available.

• Facilities: A large swimming pool is almost always available. Many condos also have playgrounds and sports courts.

• Features: Most condos have a ballroom, game room, East facing, maids living area and academia. Some offer additional features like sauna, party hall, central gas connection, water treatment system and a generator.

Apartments Above R$700,000

Itaigara Apartment
The top of the range apartments in Itaigara are located in the very best areas of the neighborhood close to supermarkets and shopping malls. In this price range you will be able to find penthouses with a sea view and a private swimming pool. Many condos offer a premium layout like two apartments per floor. Construction quality is also among the best in the area.

• Size: Though the built-up area of some apartments will be closer to 200 sq. meters, most are between 250 and 350 sq. meters in size. You can expect four bedrooms with two to three suites. Parking facility for at least two cars will be available. You may also get a home theater room, an office or a maid's room.

• Facilities: Expect a premium swimming pool as part of the condo common facilities. In penthouses, you may get an additional private swimming pool on the terrace. A green area, well-designed garden, sports courts and a playground can be expected.

• Features: As part of common amenities, most condos provide a ballroom, game room, barbecue area and assembly room. You can also expect features like East facing, maids living area and academia.

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Houses In Itaigara

Itaigara House With Pool
In Itaigara, the houses like the apartments are located close to everyday necessities like supermarkets, shopping malls, schools, colleges and clinics. Some are standalone and some are in gated communities.

• Size: Houses usually have three to five bedrooms or suites. Some houses also have a home theater room. The constructed area will range from 350 to 500 sq. meters. The plot sizes could range from 400 to 1000 sq. meters. You can expect open or covered parking for three or more cars.

• Facilities: Most houses have a large swimming pool and some of them may also have a whirlpool. A garden or a green area can be expected.

• Features: East facing, fitted cabinets in the kitchen and bedrooms, maids living area, barbecue area, etc. The higher priced houses may have solar heating facility installed.

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Itaigara is a nice locality to live in Salvador. It is close to all conveniences and is a fast developing area. Itaigara apartments are spacious and conveniently located even at the lower price ranges. The houses come with a higher price tag, but can be a status statement in this affluent neighborhood. Any type of home in a city with the economic and tourist activity of Salvador is bound to appreciate in value. Getting tenants should also be easy. 

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Itaigara Apartments And Houses Your Options For A Home In Salvador

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