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Ykutiba - Oceanfront Apartments And Bungalows At Imbassai


Imbassai, Mata de São João - Brasil, BahiaYkutiba - Oceanfront Apartments And Bungalows At Imbassai

Imagine living in a peaceful Brazilian beach resort surrounded by nature. Wake up in the morning and listen to the sounds of tropical birds and the waves lashing against the beach. Watch the sunrise from your balcony as you sip a cup of coffee. Inhale the fresh scent of tropical vegetation. Make your way to down to the beach and stroll, jog or swim to your heart's content or just take a dip in the cool waters of a river. Walk to a hut on the beach and drink fresh coconut water. Does this sound like a dream? You can make it a reality when you buy a home in Ykutiba at Imbassai, Bahia.

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About Imbassai

The village of Imbassai is about 65 km from the Salvador International Airport and is located close to Praia do Forte on the Coconut Coast. Compared to Praia do Forte, Imbassai gets fewer tourists. The place enjoys a unique geographical feature, the Imbassai River, which runs parallel to the beach for several miles before joining the sea.

The beach is between the river and the sea and you have to cross the river to access the beach except where it meets the sea. The crystal clear waters of the Imbassai River provide ideal conditions for swimming and boating. The best spot along the river is the place where it meets the sea and this is where most of the beach huts serving food and drinks are located.

For those who love water sports, Imbassai provides many options like surfing, boating, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and diving. Bird watching, whale watching and nesting turtles will keep the nature lovers absorbed. More ecological adventures are available just six miles away at the TAMAR project or the Saparinga reserve in Praia do Forte.

The area near the river is protected and construction is carefully controlled. As a result, the availability of homes or accommodation in this place is very limited. There are very few lots left for development and the Ykutiba project is being built on one of the best among them, right at the place where the river meets the sea. Ykutiba, located next to the Iberostar hotel complex, is a lifetime opportunity to buy or invest in prime upmarket real estate in one of the most sought after regions of the Coconut Coast.

Ykutiba Project Highlights

The Ykutiba condo is being built in a scenic location with excellent views of the beach and the river as it meets the ocean. The total project area is 23,700 sq. meters. The best part of the project is that it is going to have 75% open space. Construction will be done only on the remaining 25%. You can rest assured that this will never become a concrete jungle.

The overall project plan is like a typical luxury resort with plenty of green areas, water bodies, neatly laid out buildings, bungalows, paved pathways, common amenities and everything else required for a peaceful and luxurious life. Ykutiba offers plenty of leisure and dining options and the residents also get exclusive access to 6 km of beach. At Ykutiba, you can enjoy life in comfort and security amidst the best natural settings.

Home Options

The current phase of the project consists of eight 2-bedroom apartment blocks, five 3-bedroom apartment blocks and six bungalows.

1. Two-bedroom apartments

Each 2-bedroom apartment has 80 sq. meters of built-up area. Apartments on the ground floor have at least one private garden. Some have two gardens, one in the front and another at the rear. These apartments will make comfortable homes for families of four.

Each unit consists of a large living and dining room with an open plan kitchen, a long balcony, a work area and two spacious bedrooms. The master bedroom comes with an attached bath and there is one standalone bathroom, which can be conveniently accessed from the living room or the other bedroom.

2. Three-bedroom apartments

Each 3-bedroom apartment has a built-up area of 105 sq. meters. All ground floor apartments come with a private garden. Each apartment can comfortably accommodate a large family of six. If you have a smaller family, one bedroom can also be used as a study, a guest room or a combination of both.

Each apartment consists of a large living and dining room with an open plan kitchen, a long balcony, a work area and three spacious bedrooms. The master bedroom comes with an attached bath and there is one standalone bathroom, which can be conveniently accessed from the living room or the other bedrooms.


1. Plenty of dining options for the foodies

You can enjoy a wide variety of delicious dishes at the restaurant that is part of the condo or you have a large selection of restaurants in the village. The beach huts also serve fresh food and drinks.

2. Swim whenever you feel like

The condo includes several large well-designed pools, including a pool for kids and a lap pool. There is a poolside deck for relaxation or for sipping a drink in between swimming sessions.

3. Celebrate in style

There is a party hall with kitchen, service area and a large dining room, which is sufficient for a large gathering. The common amenities also include a barbecue area with kiosk.

4. Enjoy the view and the fresh air

You can enjoy the scenery or view the sunrise or moonrise while relaxing in the gazebo. For quiet outdoor moments, there is a square garden with a pond in the middle and benches around it to relax on.

5. Plenty of entertainment for kids

The play area and the children's pool will keep kids happy and safe.

6. Keep fit

Take a morning or evening walk without leaving the condo. There is a long walking path around the condo. If you prefer biking, use the biking track. It is connected with the promenade of the Imbassai village. If you prefer to workout indoors, the condo has a well-equipped gym that you can use.

7. Good security

The condo has compound walls, guardhouse and access is restricted.

8. Ample parking

More than 300 covered parking spaces to cater to residents, guests and visitors.

Pay Only For What You Use

While a luxury condo gives plenty of quality amenities, the recurring costs of maintenance are always a worry. In Ykutiba, many facilities will be on pay per use or membership basis. You are not forced to pay for things that you don't need. This gives that perfect balance between comfort and cost. This is also a big advantage if you are buying the property for investment or for limited use as a vacation home.

The Ykutiba at Imbassai, Bahia gives you a lifetime opportunity to buy a dream home in a tropical paradise. The number of units in such projects is very limited and your chances of getting a home of your choice are better if you book early. Go ahead, buy a home in Ykutiba and make that dream come true.View more details of the Imbassai development.

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