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A Guide To Vilas do Atlantico Real Estate


Vilas do Atlântico, Lauro de Freitas - Brasil, BahiaA Guide To Vilas do Atlantico Real Estate

For people who want to have all the conveniences and advantages of an urban location, but still enjoy proximity to nature, Vilas do Atlantico real estate presents the perfect opportunity.

It is an up-market tourist hub with a beautiful beach and is located conveniently near Salvador. It has all the facilities that are required for day to day living, but is not far from the resort havens like Praia do Forte and the wonderful quiet beaches of the Bahia north coast.

It is not surprising that the people who choose to live in this area are affluent, mostly businessmen, high ranking executives or officials like directors and judges.
Vilas do Atlantico Aerial View

Real Estate Vilas do Atlantico

Real estate here is very attractive due to it's appealing to various types of buyer.

a) People wanting to live here and work or do business in Salvador.

b) People looking to invest for commercial reasons or for rental income. They can expect high occupancy due to the demand from tourists, business visitors as well as people who choose to live here.

c) Investors looking for low risk and high capital appreciation prospects.

Vilas do Atlantico, Aptly Located With All Urban Conveniences

Vilas do Atlantico is located in the coastal region of the municipality of Lauro de Freitas to the northeast of Salvador, close to Busca Vida. It is just 20 km from Salvador and 12 km from the international airport. It has a beautiful beach of the same name.

Lauro de Freitas itself is considered an area of high commercial activity, and the proximity to Salvador which is the centre of economic activity of Bahia drives the demand for Vilas do Atlantico real estate.

People living in Vilas do Atlantico need not go anywhere else, all conveniences of modern living are at their door step. You will find most of the conveniences that can be expected in an up-market urban location like shopping malls, supermarkets, gyms, hospitals, schools, eating outlets and banks.

The public transport system is also not lacking though people living here are likely to use their own vehicles.

The development, infrastructure and the urban surroundings do not mean that a peaceful holiday is not possible. Praia do Forte is just 80 km away and the beaches of the north coast can all be easily reached from here.

Vilas do Atlantico Beach Road
History And Culture

Vilas do Atlantico population includes a large number of foreigners living here. Other than this many people from Bahia and other states of Brazil come here to work for the international companies in the area.

Historically Lauro de Freitas, the city which includes Vilas do Atlantico was inhabited by the native Indians. Their occupation was agriculture and fishing. After the sugar industry brought in an influx of slaves from Africa, the culture of the place was considerably influenced.


Vilas do Atlantico has all the typical attractions that a luxurious beach location is expected to provide.

• Water sports

• Fishing

• Scuba diving

• Hiking• Shopping

• Surfing

• Biking
Vilas do Atlantico Beach

Vilas do Atlantico Property Options

Vilas do Atlantico real estate offers mainly houses and commercial properties. An approximate idea about the prices can be had from real estate listings at popular websites. As of now a house could cost you anywhere from $180,000 to $900,000. The average price is around $500,000.

Vilas do Atlantico real estate is ideal for people who are looking for a place to live and work. It makes great sense to those looking for generating income from rent or for other commercial purposes. It has always appealed to people looking for capital appreciation.

View real estate in Vilas do Atlantico now.Click here to view real estate within Vilas do Atlântico

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A Guide To Vilas do Atlantico Real Estate

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