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Lauro de Freitas Real Estate, An Attractive Proposition For All Investors


Lauro de Freitas Centro, Lauro de Freitas - Brasil, BahiaLauro de Freitas Real Estate, An Attractive Proposition For All Investors

Lauro de Freitas is a coastal town which is part of the Coconut Coast and is situated towards the northeast of Salvador in Bahia. The town is one of the highest contributors to the GDP growth of the region and also one of the highest job creators in the country.

It has a coastline of about six kilometers consisting of three beaches, the Buraquinho, Ipitanga Beach and Vilas do Atlantico beach. Lauro de Freitas real estate has a range of apartments and houses on offer and they are suitable for people wanting to buy property for their own use, for capital appreciation or for generating rental income.

Lauro de Freitas, location, geography and climate
Lauro de Freitas View

Lauro de Freitas is just 15 km from the port city of Salvador which is the capital of Bahia and has an international airport. The topography of the area includes plateaus, coastal tablelands and small hills which are covered with coconut palms and tropical vegetation.

The area has three rivers with the main one being the Joanes River which separates Lauro de Freitas region from the adjoining region of Camacari as it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

The climate is tropical and humid with an average temperature close to 24°C. Rainfall occurs mainly in the months of April, May and June. The moderate weather, the infrastructure and connectivity to other regions will appeal to Lauro de Freitas real estate seekers.

History and Culture

The city shares its historical background with Salvador which dates back to the 16th century. Lauro de Freitas which is now a separate municipality was originally a part of Salvador and even now is considered as a part of the metropolitan region of Salvador.

The original inhabitants of Lauro de Freitas lived on agriculture and fishing. The culture of the region was shaped by the Portuguese explorers, the colonial past and the African people who were brought in during the slave trade.

The population mix includes mainly Brazilians from all over the country and a sizable number of foreigners who have bought properties and settled down here or are working in one of the many companies situated in the region.

Lauro de Freitas Beach
Attractions and things to do at Lauro de Freitas

Lauro de Freitas has many places of interest to tourists and offers many outdoor activities.

• Being close to Salvador, the attractions of the city, for example, museums, churches and other historical places are easily accessible from Lauro de Freitas.

• The beaches in the area provide opportunities for water sports and activities like fishing.

• It is just a few hours from the peaceful coastal villages and towns of Bahia like Praia do Forte allowing one to make a peaceful get away from the relatively fast paced urban life.

Lauro de Freitas real estate offerings and prices

Lauro de Freitas real estate market offers a range of apartments and houses. The current price information taken from real estate listings will give you an idea about the prices.

• Apartments are available from $67,000 to $130,000 with an average of about $107,000.

• The price of houses range from $125,000 to $650,000 with the average house costing about $360,000.
Lauro de Freitas Apartments
Real estate Lauro de Freitas will definitely appeal to people in Brazil who are looking for a place to live and work.

It will also be attractive to foreign investors who are looking for capital appreciation or rental income and those wanting to settle down in an area which is a centre of economic activity with well developed infrastructure and yet remain a short drive away from the peaceful coastal villages and towns.

View real estate in Lauro de Freitas now.Click here to view real estate within Lauro de Freitas Centro

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Lauro de Freitas Real Estate, An Attractive Proposition For All Investors

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