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The Very Best Things to Do in Porto Seguro


Porto Seguro, Porto Seguro - Brasil, BahiaThe Very Best Things to Do in Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro is a beautiful city situated in the Brazilian state of Bahía. Located along the Atlantic coast, Porto Seguro is home to a cosmopolitan culture influenced by its history and natural surroundings. Whether you enjoy nature and the water, cultural experiences, or nightlife, Porto Seguro has something you will love.

Porto Seguro, or “safe harbor” in English, is the site of Portugal's first landing in Brazil. Although Pedro Cabral's original crew only stayed long enough to resupply, three years later an expedition lead by Gonçalvo Coelho navigated to Porto Seguro and founded a city—now the Cidade Historico. Before the arrival of the Europeans, this region was inhabited by the Tupininquin, an indigenous tribe.

Recife de Fora Marine Park
is an official marine park and a great place to see ocean wildlife in their natural habitat. The park is home to 17.5 square kilometers of reefs and underwater rock formations. Visitors can rent a snorkel and fins to explore the clear water and discover various fish, crustaceans, coral, and turtles. The water is quite shallow at low tide—when most tours go out—so you can see the whole spectrum of the marine ecosystem. 
Cidade Historico

 The Cidade Historico is the site of the original Portuguese settlement that gave the city its name. Filled with colorful old homes and churches, the historic district features everything from lovely views of the coast to capoeira demonstrations.

One of Brazil's UNESCO World Heritage Sites is the Discovery Coast Atlantic Forest Reserves. Comprising eight protected areas over 112,000 hectares (430 square miles), a large swath is located along the coast in Bahía and is easily accessible from Porto Seguro. The forest reserve is the largest and best examples of Atlantic forest in the northeastern portion of Brazil and it is has some of the greatest biodiversity on the planet. This rainforest is full of all manner of flora and fauna and is set on a limestone plateau, framed by cliffs along the sea.

The Museu Porto Seguro (Port Seguro Museum) is located in the city's formal town council building and contains exhibits featuring Brazilian history, specifically focusing on exploration and colonial life. However, the museum does also feature many exhibits on the history and culture of Brazil's indigenous peoples.
Museu Porto Seguro

If you're looking for more on indigenous culture, you can visit the Reserva Pataxó da Jaqueira, an Indian reservation. Although the Pataxó were not the people originally living in what is now Porto Seguro (that was the Tupininquin), they were instrumental in resisting European colonization, and even burned down the city in the early 1600's. The Reserva Pataxó da Jaqueira offers a view into the lives of the Pataxó culture and visitors can see how they used to hunt and cook. Visitors are also welcome to watch cultural performances here.

The Capoeira Sul da Bahia, a local capoeira school, welcomes visitors and invites them to take a class. Capoeira is a Brazilian form of martial arts that has become quite popular among mixed martial arts fighters in particular. It combines dance, acrobatics, music and martial arts into one intense physical performance.

Ilha dos Aquarios (Island Aquarium) has a little bit of everything. As you might expect for a place called Island Aquarium, there are exhibits of marine life and even a museum dedicated to creatures of the ocean. At night, Ilha dos Aquarios offers crazy shows and parties featuring all kinds of music from everything from local Bahian music to house beats familiar to clubs around the World. The island also features a nightclub in addition to several restaurants and bars. It is guaranteed to please anyone looking for nightlife.
Ilhados Aquarios

Porto Seguro is one of the most naturally beautiful and interesting cities on Brazil's North Eastern coast. Here, you can visit coral reefs and rainforests, see artifacts and demonstrations of indigenous and European culture, learn Brazilian capoeira and party all night afterwards. Porto Seguro offers a comprehensive vacation experience for travelers of any variety.

Angie Picardo is a staff writer at NerdWallet, a personal finance and travel site dedicated to helping people master the art of money management, from budgeting your next vacation abroad to finding the lowest mortgage rates.
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The Very Best Things to Do in Porto Seguro

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