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The Benefits Of Using A Broker In Porto Seguro


Porto Seguro, Porto Seguro - Brasil, BahiaThe Benefits Of Using A Broker In Porto Seguro

Buying property anywhere on the Bahian coast is a great real estate investment, but Porto Seguro has a few extra benefits above other other Towns in the region. It is a historical town and together with the nearby tourist destinations of Arraial D'Ajuda and Trancoso, it accounts for most of the tourist activity in the region.

It has the perfect combination of historical attractions, lovely beaches, great nightlife and tropical greenery. The international airport and good road connectivity to other areas makes the real estate here very attractive for both domestic and foreign buyers. If you are considering real estate in Porto Seguro, you should first find a good real estate broker.

The Wide Choice Of Real Estate In Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro Aerial View
Porto Seguro has a wide selection of properties to meet any reasonable budget. You will find anything from small apartments to huge mansions. There are other options like undeveloped and developed land, farmhouses, and commercial properties like hotels and shops.

Porto Seguro offers plenty of apartments and houses located in beachfront locations. You will get both standalone and condo houses. You have a choice between relatively more developed urban locations and more green, natural and peaceful areas. Depending on how much you want to invest, you will get facilities like garden, recreation areas, maid rooms, pool, etc. Luxury apartments and homes are also available.

A good broker will be able to help you find the perfect property matching your budget and specifications quickly, but that is not the only reason to use their services. Like any other place, the real estate buying process in Bahia is quite complex even for locals. A broker will guide you and see you through the formalities so that you are spared the headaches of the buying process.

Home Buying Process In Bahia

House Porto Seguro
Identification of the right property at the right price is just the start of the home buying process. The deal has to be negotiated and the payment structure has to be worked out with the seller. Next, the documents have to be retrieved from the registry office and the ownership of the seller has to be verified.

A series of checks have to be performed, some with a lawyer's help, to ensure that there are no liabilities linked to the property. After this, there are some formalities to be completed before the next steps can be done. Once everything is cleared and the token money is paid, the transfer of ownership and the remaining funds can take place. You have to pay the remaining amount, the property transfer taxes and other fees as part of the legal process. The process is slightly different when it is an off-plan property.

The Advantages Of Using A Broker/Real Estate Agent

Porto Seguro Aerial View
Real estate agents in Brazil are regulated by a body called the CRECI. Using the services of a CRECI licensed broker will ensure that your transaction is risk free and smooth. Here are some ways in which a good broker can make things easier for you.

1. Your agent will help you narrow down the vast number of properties to those that meet your requirements and budget. They would have already done some initial due diligence and their knowledge of the market ensures that you don't waste time looking at unsuitable or risky properties.

2. Depending on the property, you may need the help of a lawyer. Agents will tell you if you need one and will be able to recommend a good lawyer.

3. Your agent will advise you about your final costs like property transfer taxes, notary taxes, legal fees and foro (special annual tax to be paid for beachfront properties). You will thus be able to know your investment in advance and arrange finances accordingly.

4. Your agent will also help you minimize your costs.

5. Development in Porto Seguro is controlled to ensure that the natural environment and beauty is preserved. This is a good thing for buyers, but it also makes it important to ensure that you know the restrictions applicable to the property that you are buying and understand its implications. Your broker will ensure that you don't end up buying a property that cannot be developed according to your future plans.

6. Like all emerging markets, Brazil also has its own bureaucratic problems. Your broker will help you find your way around the red tape so that your real estate buying process is smooth and quick.

Finding a good CRECI qualified broker is the first step if you want to buy real estate in Porto Seguro. Your broker will ensure that you get the best property at the right price and will see you through the transaction. The buying process will be smooth and trouble free and you will not have any future ownership problems related to the transaction. Many agents will also help you with rental, development or upkeep of your property.

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The Benefits Of Using A Broker In Porto Seguro

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