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Bahia Land Of Lovely Beaches Natural Attractions And Rich Culture


Bahia Land Of Lovely Beaches Natural Attractions And Rich Culture

Bahia, Brazil is the largest North Eastern state of the country. Going by area, it is almost as large as France and Spain combined. The capital city of Salvador which is also a world heritage site is itself capable of filling up a tourist itinerary with its historic attractions.

However that will be an injustice to the breathtaking natural beauty of the coastal areas of Bahia.Miles and miles of tranquil beaches, a rich culture, a welcoming and friendly population, a carnival atmosphere, plenty of tourism infrastructure, fantastic weather during most parts of the year and a local cuisine which is a gastronomical delight. When it comes to planning a trip to Bahia, Brazil, you will have a tough time deciding where to start.

Bahia, A Region Of Historic Significance

The state of Bahia is the place where Brazil's contact with the outside world began. The first person to set foot on this beautiful territory from the outside world was the Portuguese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral who landed at what is now the town of Porto Seguro in the year 1500.

The city of Salvador was established in 1549 and it remained the capital of Brazil for a long time till that honor passed on to Rio de Janeiro, the present capital.

Bahia was a centre of sugar cultivation between the 16th and 18th century during which time a lot of black population was brought in from Africa as slaves to work in the plantations all over Brazil. The rich culture of Brazil has evolved out of the interaction of people from diverse regions. The Portuguese left in 1823 and Brazil became independent.

Getting In And Around Bahia
Praia Do Forte Beach

By air: Bahia has two international airports with regular international services. One is the Salvador airport and the other is Porto Seguro. Besides these there are a number of other airports from which domestic flights operate connecting them to other cities in Brazil.

By sea: Salvador is the major port city and is frequently visited by cruise ships.

Surface transport: Most cities and villages of Bahia are well connected by bus services. Taxi is the other mode of transport. Car rentals are also available in most places, but you may need a driver unless you are comfortable with driving here.

Languages: Portuguese is the most widely spoken language in Bahia. Spanish and English will also do in the city of Salvador. In rural areas not many people speak English.


Bahia can be visited all year round. The tropical climate is at its hottest during the summer months of December to March when the temperature stays close to 35°C. This is also the peak tourism season with lot of visitors and festivities. Temperature is not the only thing high in summer, the prices of everything from accommodation to food will go up due to the rush.

From April to June you can expect heavy downpours as it is the rainy season and not many people prefer to visit during this time. The winter season in the months of August to September is the best time to visit if you prefer cooler weather, lesser crowds and more reasonable prices. Sudden rain lasting for short periods is common in winter.

Places To Visit In Bahia

Salvador City
Salvador: A world heritage city with plenty of historical and cultural attractions. There are many other destinations around Salvador like the Recôncavo region. The area includes the colonial towns of Santo Amaro and Cachoeira.

Praia do Forte:
This is a fishing village near Salvador which is now transformed into a much sought after tourist destination. It is famous for its artifacts and for watching sea turtles, whales and birds.

Fishing villages:
Villages like Diogo and Sítio de Conde retain their charm as a traditional fishing village.

A town famous for its historical designation as the 'Cocoa Capital'.

Porto Seguro:
Also called the 'Party Capital of Bahia', Porto Seguro is a town where the beaches are usually filled with revelers and is famous for its nightlife.

Resort beaches:
There are plenty of beaches famous for their resort setting, privacy, water sports and calm natural atmosphere. Busca Vida, Vilas do Atlantico, Ilha de Boipeba, Barra Grande, Itacaré and Trancoso fall in this category.

Arraial d'Ajuda:
Just a ferry ride from Porto Seguro will take you to Arraial, an irresistible package of nature, culture and entertainment.

Abrolhos National Marine Park:
An offshore park where you can see colorful coral, fish and sea birds. This place was also a favorite of Charles Darwin.

Chapada Diamantina
: This is a hilly place in the interior of Bahia. A place famous for diamond mines in the olden days, it is best for hiking, seeing waterfalls, rock formations and orchids and also for exploring caverns.

Must See Places And Attractions
Salvador Lighthouse

1. Pelourinho: Salvador's colonial centre with many historical attractions.

2. Complexo Religioso de São Francisco: The church of St. Francis.

3. Carnival: Lasting for seven days in Salvador it is in The Guinness Book of Records as the largest street party of the world.

4. Mangue Seco: A place with very attractive combination of palms, dunes, rivers and ocean.

5. Cachoeira: A town which preserves some of the oldest African traditions in music and religion.

6. Barra Grande: The third largest bay of Brazil with some really stunning beaches.

7. Caraíva: A tiny fishing village with some of the most isolated beaches.

Activities That You Can Expect In Bahia

Apart from sightseeing and relaxing on the beach, Bahia offers some great water sports opportunities which include kite surfing and diving. Hiking and cycling opportunities are also available at several places. Bahia is a shopping enthusiast's dream come true with several shops in the coastal villages and Salvador selling artifacts and souvenirs.

Food And Accommodation
Praia Do Forte Aerial

Being a tourist destination Bahia has some of the best hotels and resorts in Brazil. All types of cuisines are available, but the local delicacies and dishes will bowl you over. Acarajé, Moqueca, Vatapá, Caruru, Ximxim de galinha, and Bobo de camarão are some of the items to try out.

Bahia, Brazil has a lot to offer to beach lovers, nature lovers, history lovers or people just looking for some fun. It is a great place to enjoy a lovely and relaxing vacation. You will have a tough time fitting all the places into one trip.

The place is so captivating that you should not be surprised if you find yourself visiting again and again or investing in real estate and settling down here.

View real estate in Bahia now.

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Bahia Land Of Lovely Beaches Natural Attractions And Rich Culture

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