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Barra Salvador Property And Attractions


Barra Salvador Property And Attractions

The area of Barra Salvador, in the region of Bahia in Brazil, is a wonderful place to visit, invest and live. The property market here is on the upswing, driven by the regions 1000+ kilometres of growing infrastructure, pristine beaches and the common and warm hospitality of its people.

Ideally you will utilise the services of a real estate agent to help you find your own piece of paradise in Barra. A good agent can handle the purchase and sale of a property, but also offer services such as property management, development and even rental services.

A property agent will help you to negotiate the legal issues related to buying real estate in Barra Salvador. But before studying the property market, let's see why this area is so amazing.

Attractions And Tourism In Barra Salvador
Lighthouse Barra Salvador

Porto da Barra is the main beach in the area that attracts many local people and numerous tourists. It's located close to the city centre and it' s very easy to access with the public transport from different parts of the city.

Watching the sunset from here can be an amazing experience. The barracas will provide you a cold drink, and the food and beverage vendors will serve you with their amazing agua de coco, grilled cheese and special home-made sandwiches.

Another important attraction is the Barra Lighthouse, which is a prime spot for viewing the spectacular sunsets and sunrises all across All Saints Bay. Inside the lighthouse there is an old museum filled with maps, charts and several artifacts, which belonged to early Europeans ships that were transporting slaves and goods during the colonial days.

You can also admire the Forte de Santo Antônio da Barra, built in 1534 in order to defend the capital from the Dutch and the indigenous people advances.

Goethe Institut, the large Museu Afro-Brasileira and the Mam Museu de Arte Moderna are other important attractions that make the Barra area of Salvador a significant tourist attraction.

Barra Salvador Property Market
Barra Beach Salvador Bahia

This region is a land of opportunity for the real estate brokers, with a great property investment potential. Due to its increased foreign investment and the tourism and migration from North America, Europe and Southern Brazil.

The growth prospects for real estate in the area have become a reality. The property market is very complex, ranging from apartments, beach-front homes, houses, farms/ fazendas, closed condominiums, land, or even hotels and islands.

The real estate in Barra Salvador is still affordable, especially considering the global financial crisis that's effecting most countries. The vacation apartment rentals in the region are the perfect choice for a short summer holiday in this exotic location.

Prices are affordable, an apartment ranges in price from $100,000 to $1,500,000. The property market in has great investment potential, and will continue to do so because this is a prominent tourist destination and a great base from which to explore the city of Salvador or the greater Bahia region.

View real estate in Barra Salvador now.
Barra Salvador Property And Attractions

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