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Busca Vida Real Estate Premium Beach Properties in a Peaceful Locality


Busca Vida, Camaçarí - Brasil, BahiaBusca Vida Real Estate Premium Beach Properties in a Peaceful Locality

Busca Vida is a small town around 40 km from Salvador on the Coconut Coast of Bahia. The chief attraction is its beautiful beach which is protected by a gated condominium.

Access to the beach which is part of one of the best stretches of shoreline in the Bahia coast is a little restricted though visitors from neighboring beaches do walk in on rare occasions.

This makes Busca Vida real estate very attractive as it gives the residents access to a very secured and private beach.

Busca Vida Beach
Busca Vida, a nice location which is easily reachable

Busca Vida is located in the municipality of Camacari which is part of the Metropolitan Region of Salvador. It is around 17 km from the international airport of Salvador and about 40 km from its historic town centre.

It is also accessible by foot from the nearby Jaua beach.The beaches in this area of Salvador exhibit great variations, some of them are calm inlets which are perfect for swimming while others are open to the sea with strong waves making them ideal for surfing.Busca Vida is an exposed reef break that has somewhat consistent surf and the Bahia Surf Camp and the Surf School are located here.

Most Busca Vida real estate seekers are likely to be people wanting to own a premium property in an up market location. As a holiday home or for renting out, this makes perfect sense because few places can provide the privacy and security of Busca Vida.

History of the region
Busca Vida Aerial View

Salvador is called Brazil's capital of happiness due to its relaxed easy going population, outdoor parties and carnival culture. It is also one of the oldest cities of the country and was its capital for a number of years due to its strategic location.

During the days of the slave trade the region saw an influx of African people who have significantly influenced the culture of the region.The history of the area of Camacari itself dates back to the 16th century. Today it is one of the richest municipalities in northeast Brazil and is also an important economic player in the region with the fifth largest GDP in the northeast.

Local activities and attractions of Busca Vida

• The most important attraction of Busca Vida is the vast expanse of calm, peaceful beach which provides plenty of privacy. The beach itself is almost nine miles long and is dotted with lovely palm trees.

• Due to the plentiful waves coming in from the open sea, surfing is a popular attraction of this place.

• A walk down the beach is a very relaxing experience and though one can enjoy the scenery, it becomes even more worthwhile if one can walk down to the mouth of the Joanes River.

• The next beach of Jaua is also an attractive place which in contrast to Busca Vida has large natural pools sheltered by the reefs. The other place to go is Arembepe where one will find restaurants serving the best Bahian cuisine.

Busca Vida real estate options

Real estate Busca Vida mostly offers houses although a few options for land are also available. Here is an estimate of the prices for land and houses taken from the listings of a popular real estate website:

Land prices range from $450,200 to $1,238,051 with an average price of  $844,125.

Houses are available from $213,845 to $2,251,002 with an average price of  $883,518.

Busca Vida real estate will be the ideal investment for people who want a place to spend quiet days in the company of the sea and the waves. The privacy and calm afforded by the houses here is probably unique to the area and will keep the properties attractive and in demand at all times.

View real estate in Busca Vida now.Click here to view real estate within Busca Vida

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Busca Vida Real Estate Premium Beach Properties in a Peaceful Locality

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